Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Rod of Moses

Things go well! The computer got a Virus? That sounds horrible, probably should have avoided that one. Wonder how it got there. Well this week has been good. I don't have to many nuts and bolts to begin the day with. Jordan Eatough got a letter to me and he is going to the Dominican Republic which is awesome! I am working on writing a letter with advice about what to bring and what not to bring. Bishop wants my favorite scripture? Well that is difficult, I have a lot that I like, but I guess if I have to choose one at this moment I would Choose D&C 131:6 "It is impossible to be saved in Ignorance" short and sweet and to the point. This week I have had limited bike problems, nothing broken yet! Few flats but that is about it. Congratulations laura on making it into your camp thingy!!!
Well Firstly Transfers have come! I will be staying In Negril with someone, I don't know the name yet, haven't been told. E. Stevens will be going to the Bahamas, which will be interesting. We were told on Saturday that he would be going on Monday, normally transfers are on thrusdays so you have all p-day to prepare, but instead we got about 36 hours most of which was teaching. So he has been going through all his stuff trying to get his bags under the weight limit! It has been crazy, It will be sad to see him go, we have developed a really good friendship, but we will meet again. Yet again P-day has been ruined due to something random, today after emails we have to go meet the Assistants and head to Mo-Bay, I will be staying with the Zone leaders until Thursday when transfers officially take place. It is annoying to have to see Negril abandoned for 4 days, who knows what will happen to our investigators in that amount of time. I did get a ton of stuff from it all, elder stevens gave me everything that wasn't going to fit, so that was fun. Like Christmas! only all I got was ties, sunscreen, paper, pens, food, other misssionary supplies
This week has been good. I don't know how long this email will be, my companion and I are working on getting some photos transferred between our memory cards so that is distracting, but I will try to get as much as possible in here.
This week we met a man named Bongo. He wanted to question us so we went and talked to him. He asked us if we knew where the rod of Moses was, we informed him that we didn't know, then he asked us about it's power. He told us that it was the most powerful rod ever and gave moses all his power. He told us that, now this is a direct quote, think about this statistic carfully "95% of the people who followed moses, some of them went to Africa" so your saying that 5% definitely didn't go to Africa, but out of the other 95% some of them went to Africa? Well he went on to explain that is only logical that since they took the rod of moses into Africa that it came to Jamaica and that is why Jamaica is so well protected against Hurricanes. It was fairly ridiculous, he told us he didn't know where in Jamaica the rod was being hidden, but it was somewhere!
We have done a lot of finding this week, our investigators have been dropping like flies, but we have found some really good people which we are excited for! We are hopeful that many of them will begin to progress shortly!
Church yesterday was really good. After it was over we took a bunch of pictures for E. Stevens so that was a lot of fun getting pictures with many of the members. We went to a man named Bro. Haughton who is a wood carver. He has been making something for e. stevens. He is an amazing wood worker! Reminds me of Grandpa Talbert! He uses some really cool woods that I have never heard of and really knows how to work the wood. Definitely the best I have met in Jamaica, a lot of wood carvers are around but many are fairly lousy, bro. Haughton is Pro.
On Wednesday it rained super hard. I might as well have taken a shower. I had about 8 oz of water in my shoe that got poured in from the top, the shoes stay perfectly dry..unless 100% submerged in which case water comes in from the top. Everything was wet. I had 13 bom on me and they all took heavy water damage. I have never seen such a storm! We took refuge at the mitchells and managed to teach 0 lessons the whole day, it was terrible. We just stood in the mitchells kitchen and ate food that she fed us while we dried off. It was a lot of fun to be in the rain, if we hadn't had scriptures on us we wouldn't have stopped at the Mitchells.
I have had a good week, I am running a bit short on time, the pictures are taking to much time! AH! But oh well, not much has happened this week of note, just taught a lot of lessons. We haven't had much of interest happen. In my personal studies I have been reading through the New Testament which has been really good. There are a lot of really good scriptures in there which I have enjoyed reading and using in my lessons. It just amazes me how no one believes in the priesthood anymore, in Jamaica it has just become anyone can do anything, churches don't claim to have any authority, they just do whatever. Yet in the new testament it is so obvious that their was a priesthood. "having a form of godliness, yet they deny the power thereof"
Well I am about done, I wish I could have said more, but I figure a picture is worth a thousand words so I had to get them! Haha. I am glad that all is going well at home! Hopefully Josh manages to find an apartment with limited costs! I have definitely learned how cheaply a person can live if they are just willing to sacrifice a lot of the random stuff that we feel is needed. Food and rent is about all you really need money for, maybe gas if you don't want to ride a bike. I hope the deck goes well! I am excited to see it done! Thanks for the emails yet again, they are always the best, next week I will make sure to have an extra good email since this one was a bit short! Time is flying by! May is already past half over, it amazes me how it is just disappearing, one day the month begins the next day it is gone. It will be great to have all my friends leave on their missions! I am having a great experience and hope they do to!
Thanks for everything and I hope the computer is fixed soon so that I can hear from all of you again! I love you and wish you well with the end of the school year!!!
-Elder Kent Talbert

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  1. Sounds like you are doing well. Things will fall in to place with the investigators, just takes time. They know, they just don't want to accept it yet.

    Glad you are doing well.

    PS- Try to keep your feet dry :-)