Monday, September 7, 2009

That Thing's Operational!

Ugh, Sorry this is late, Hopefully I can get something written here, this computer I am using is possible the worst I have used on my mission, slower that a bucket of snails eating a stop sign. I am writing this on Monday because We had a lot of work to do on Saturday and so we moved it to Monday this week, but then even more work has come because president is going out of Kingston tomorrow and for the rest of the week and he wants a bunch of stuff done, so really my preparation day consists of this hour long email session and then it is back to work. Next week I will probably have the same situation and so Monday will be preparation day again.
I got the card reader this week so that is great! This computer is not really equipped to utilize such a fancy piece of technology, I think this computer barely handles the mouse and keyboard. But next week I will get some pictures sent to you. Glad that BYU won! That was a needed victory to make this season any good.
Overall this week has been hectic. The office has had way to much to do. We had 5 houses that needed to be moved out of by the end of the week and so that was worked on all week long. The most interesting part was when we moved out of a house in Portmore. We found a most unique piece of furniture! A Coffin! Somehow the missionaries had gotten a coffin and had been using it as a bench press. We didn't know what to do with it and president graff had told us anything we don't need to just leave it on the side of the road till it is stolen. So that is what we did. Left the coffin outside by the road. The next day we get a call telling us that a crowd had gathered and that people were proclaiming that the mormons were issuing death threats. Which was ridiculous. Thankfully a man had known where the missionaries had gotten the coffin and why it was there, so a group of people took it to a nearby field a burned it.
Tuesday was our zone meeting. Our zone is the biggest in the mission with 26 missionaries and so with interviews by president it had potential to last a very very long time. We got interviewed first and then left to go move some furniture. We got stuck in traffic and missed the entire zone meeting. But interviews with president were good as always.
Saturday night we needed to get into the Spanish town chapel, and it has a nice security system. So we have no clue what we need to do to disarm the alarm so we call the branch president, he tells us to make sure we have the right keys then call him back immediately after we get the doors open. We get the doors open and then he doesn't answer his phone and there is a nice beeping noise coming from the building. We call him back frantically and then the alarm goes off. It was extremely loud and could be heard for quite some distance. He finally answers his phone and immediately knows what has happened since he can clearly hear it over the phone. He tells us what to do to turn it off and all is good. It was about just as much fun trying to turn it back on when we were leaving.
Oh yea, I just remembered about your question mom. Everyone's emails arrive just fine, quotations, apostraphies, etc. I don't know why mine go all crazy.
The office has been hectic this week but I enjoy it most of the time. I love working with Elder and Sister Cheesman, they are a lot of fun. Teaching has been fairly low this week, but this upcoming week we should have a lot of time after today. I will be happy to get out and help our area improve once again. We met a less-active who lives really far away, a good 30 minute drive at least. But he made it to church this week! That was great! At first we didn't even recognize him but when we did we were amazed that he had made it all the way to church.
It is to bad that the 3rd ward has shrunk so much. It is still bigger than our branch by 50 people but I can imagine that it is still a struggle to operate. I am glad that CJ and Shea are doing well. This computer is slow and is terrible to work with, I am nearly out of time. Sorry this is so short haha just isn't working so well on this machine. I will email again on Monday most likely.
Thanks for the email Grandma and Grandpa. Sounds like quite the summer you had, and it sounds like it was a lot of fun. That is one nice part of being in the office is that We have to travel a lot to get missionaries things and so we get to see a lot of the country and it is amazing! The kids here don't play football at all. Only soccer, cricket and running. If you mention American football they all look at you funny and think it is a dumb game haha but it is a favorite among the missionaries.
Well that is all for the week, I love you all and look forward to your next emails!
Elder B. Kent Talbert

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