Sunday, December 6, 2009

I spared no expenses

Another week has gone by. It has been quite pleasant. It is great to hear from all of you again! I am glad that BYU won the game. First off, before I forget. It is very possible for me to get all the different assortments of currency. The $5000.00 bill is a pain to get but all the others are easy, especially the coins, I have a very large collection of coins currently. It is about $20 US for one of everything excluding the $5000, that adds another $50 US onto the cost. I will see what I can do though.
Hmm-Where to begin, a lot of random things have happened this week that are entertaining. Two nights ago we got home, about 9:10 pm and I was thirsty. I walked into the kitchen, after I had taken off my shoes, went to the fridge, pulled out my water, it was empty, walked to the sink, began to fill it up, turned around and sitting in the middle of the floor of the kitchen was the biggest scorpion I have ever seen! About 2 inches long and a half inch wide with a very long stinger! It was just sitting there and I wasn't really sure what to do. Poked it with a broom, it just fell over like it was dead. Sprayed it with Pyro (ultimate bug killer) and the scorpion freaked out and started running around and my companion crushed it with his shoe (my shoes were off). It fought hard but in the end we killed it and that was the end of the giant scorpion in our house, though it has made me a bit more paranoid around our house.
Well there is this man named Nigel that we have been teaching. He lives in downtown Kingston, the part of downtown where law enforcement is little and life is crazy. So we were down there teaching him and during the lesson we just hear a series of gunshots, all fairly close to us. Everyone sort of quiets down and we walk out to the yard and peak over the cement fence. The street, once covered with lots of lights and hundreds of people is complete empty and there are no lights on. Made for a very creepy feeling. We decided it was best that we get going at that point. But we had parked out car 2 blocks away and so we had fun walking down this dark creepy street to our car. No one really bothers the missionaries, but none the less it was moderately crazy. When we get near our truck 3 police vehicles fly by with a ton of cops in them all carrying their large automatic rifles and equipped for war. It was fun, made for a good story to tell other missionaries.
Christmas is coming. Not to many Christmas traditions here that vary from that of the states. There are less lights and less decorations in general but you can still find them. One thing is that instead of drinking eggnog (bleh!) they have another drink called sorrel juice, made from sorrel fruit. Tastes good, but they like to put rum in it also so you have to know who you are getting it from before you drink it! Speaking of rum. The "Wrey and Nephew" rum plant, possibly the biggest alcohol producer in the Caribbean, burst into flames earlier this week! It was huge! We live about 5-10 miles away and we could easily see all the flames. Lasted all night long and everything just burned away. The weather is still blazing hot. It really does not feel like Christmas time in the slightest. There is no sign of season change at all. It has been the same since I got here. Everything is always green and blooming and hot and humid and wet. But I don't really miss the snow all that much. It is nice to have good weather, you just wish it would go away occasionally.
This morning we went up to Bro. Williams house for another interesting experience. We killed a pig and cut it all up. It was a lot harder then a chicken. The pig fought hard. They do it in a interesting and fairly painful way for the pig. First we tied up the pig to a tree, then we found a large club and a sharp knife. The guy who actually killed it walked over to the pig hit it in the head with the club so that it fell to the ground half knocked out, then in a 20 second window of opportunity attacked the throat with the knife until the head was half way off. Then we just waited about 15 minutes while the pig struggled to survive eventually dying. A very brutal way to kill a pig but it all worked.
I am attaching some random photos for you today. First is that of the pig, second is that of the fire, sort of hard to see it being night and their were a lot of other lights distracting the camera, but it is the brightest spot in the middle of the picture, third is just a random picture of myself, my cube and Kingston city! In that picture from two weeks ago the elder in the red shirt is elder tanner, not I. Just to resolve the confusion that my father is having haha.
Investigators aren't really going anywhere currently, we have been cycling through a good amount. Not my favorite thing to do but it will turn around soon. We will have some good investigators here in the next week. District meeting went well on Wednesday, we had a good time. The other elders in the district are possibly the most unique missionaries in the mission. Fairly strange and weird. One of them his goal in life is to be a Hunter & Gatherer. Haha it is fun. When we tell others who our district is made up of everyone gets a little laugh out.
Well I am sort of running out of things to say and I am running out of time! So I guess I will just finish up here. That Thing from Grandpa was fairly nice I enjoyed it, it was a good read. Got a good email from Donette to, sounds like they are doing well in Nevada! Congrats on your acceptance Laura. Dad I only got your email once. You must have sent the first to my gmail, before I left I had told my account to do that if people emailed me, good to see that it works to a degree. Happy birthday laura! Hope it is great! Thanks again for the emails, they are wonderful.
Enjoy the week and don't get to cold! I love you all.
Elder Kent Talbert

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