Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fried Rice on Tuesdays


Great to hear from everyone again (although I never did get an email from Dad). Anyways, this week was excellent. This email might be a bit short, I lost a lot of my emailing time to another project. Yesterday in church all the missionaries gave talks. It went over very well. I gave my talk and thought it was nice, but then after words oddly enough I had 8 different members throughout the day call me or walk up to me and ask me for a copy of a story that I shared in my talk. Well that is great and all except for that I didn't even have the original, I had just stood up there and spoken, so I am now using my email time to actually type up the story and print off copies for everyone that wanted it.

Hmm....interesting events of the week.... Gisselle is progressing great! Her baby was in the hospital all week from some stomach infection or something, but now the baby is out and she is happy. It has been great teaching her everyday, normally she is in Kingston on the week so we can only see her on weekends. It definitely helps prepare someone for baptism when you can see them everyday and work with them.

Odd story of the week: We were at Queenie's home talking to her about something or other, I don't recall, and her husband (Carlos) walks past and a conversation begins that goes somewhat like this:

Carlos: "Queenie, my head feels heavy"
Queenie: "Do you realise you have two hats on?"
Carlos: Takes his hand and finds two hats on his head "Oh" takes one off
Queenie: "Is that better?"
Carlos: "Yea"

So that was strange. The funny part about it was their was no smile through the whole thing, they were both 100% serious and just spoke in a dull monotone voice. It was good.

Hmmm...what else happened. We have this boy named Rashane we are teaching, I think I mentioned him last week. He is doing awesome! He is actually considering baptism! After nearly 2 years of missionaries visiting him, I think he will actually get baptized sometime in February. Our area is doing great. Elder Ostrin and I have had a lot of success and we have some awesome investigators. At least I can leave the area next week with full confidence that the area is still alive and full of potential.

So on Friday we were riding home from the church with the other 2 missionaries and Elder Kraus and I got in a bike race and ended up way ahead of the other missionaries, about 15 minutes ahead of them. So we decided in that 15 minutes we would go visit a less-active member and see how they were doing. Well while talking to them we got the idea to leave our bikes at their home and walk to our home and tell our companions that our bikes were stolen. So we did. It worked pretty well. Elder Ostrin fell for it and we didn't bother to tell him that they really were not stolen until the next day. Elder Lee didn't believe us but he was willing to play along. It was fun enough.

Seems like I have nothing to say, I am staring blankly at the monitor wondering what to type. Yesterday we saw a duck eat a rat; that was sort of gross. We were sitting on a veranda teaching and all of a sudden a duck walks past with a rat in its mouth and then it started to eat it. It was fairly distracting in the lesson, everyone wanted to see what was going to happen.

Well life is going good. Not really sure what else I have to say these days. Hopefully this next week is good, should be. What Sunday am I speaking again? the 13th? hmm...maybe I should think about writing that this week or something. Well I hope things are going well back home. Have a great week.

Elder B. Kent Talbert

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