Monday, June 29, 2009

This is a group photo after the baptism. Sister Hylton is the one sort of in the middle with the pink striped shirt and the long hair. umm...I don't really have to much time to explain who everyone is in it... sort of out of time today! I will try... left to right Bro. Allen, Bro. Eli, German lady related to sister hylton, Bro. Henry, sister hylton, sister henry (on the ground) some one I don't know, another person I don't know, sister Joyce (red, yellow, green strip shirt), sister whyte (god is great shirt) sister thompson, me, president anderson, elder hillam...well got to go!
elder talbert

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  1. Looks like the work is moving on at a wonderful pace.

    Keep up the good work Elder Talbert.