Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gold Fish

Well it is good to hear from you all again! Sounds like you had a good week and had a lot of fun! Congrats Nathaniel on getting debt free haha. I am glad you liked the photo, we just got a super good one yesterday with every active member of the branch, I don't have it yet but I should get it in an email one of these days and I will forward it on to you later on. It is a pain in the neck to attach photos to an email in Jamaica, the computers are slow and the email place charges extra money for putting your memory card into the computer (a whole extra dollar!) so that is really dumb, I don't know if I will get around to sending any other photos until I get to a new area.
The New mission president is here! So that is exciting! He hasn't changed to much yet but he has made it so that we just email him every week instead of writing him every week (like we did with president gingery) I haven't met him yet, my companion has though and said he is cool. My companion got to go to a meeting and meet him and I hung out in sav all day with other missionaries. The big thing that President Graff wants to focus on is reactivation work! Jamaica is far below average in active church members (11-12%) and has really terrible home teaching (0-1%) so he wants to change that! Now every week we have to get a list of 5 less actives and go and visit them and work on getting them back to church. It will be interesting and it looks like it will be a really good idea! I am excited for Friday (zone conference) where I will get to meet him and hear of all the changes that he is making to the mission. He is really big on teaching by the spirit and wants us to really focus on that.
Well I met Elder Wilson, the one from provo, I do know him. He was in a few of my classes in High School. But I don't know him very well, never talked to him much in High school. We had fun talking about all the various teachers we had, and that was cool.
Yesterday at church we had 3 investigators, 2 who are good and another who we are unsure about. One is named Natalie, she is about 24 and really good! She reads everything and is really interested, our only concern with her is that the church has no one, other than the missionaries and the branch president who is even close to her age so fellowship is going to be tricky. But she seemed to enjoy church yesterday! Our other investigator was given to us by two tourists on their honey moon. They are from utah and have been talking to some of the employees at the place they were staying. So we have been teaching a lady named Joan with them. It has been good and she came to church which was awesome! The Tourists (Espenosa) are really cool they have been a great help in teaching Joan and they gave us lots of food! It has been nice to have them around for the last week and a half.
Yesterday at church a brother Haughton came! He has been a less active whose entire family is active and comes every week. He on the other hand hadn't come in over 1.5 years. The missionaries have tried really hard to get him to come back, he was the first person ever baptized in Negril. Randomly he showed up yesterday and seemed to really enjoy it! He bore his testimony and I hope to see him again next week. Sis. Hylton got confirmed yesterday and she bore her testimony after the sacrament! It was really good! She is doing very well and is loving the church!
Well like I mentioned I was in sav this week, stayed there Wednesday and Thursday serving with Elder Knowlton, he has been out one less transfer than me and is really cool. We had a good time. The best thing that happened was during some of our tracting time. We were talking to this lady and I was looking at a group of trees because I thought I had seen something move. I noticed that the roof of the house next to us was moving in an odd manner. So we finished the lesson and went to check it out. We found about 20 guys all around the house (probably about 10feetX15feet) lifting it up and moving it! They were replacing the foundation by having a bunch of guys lift up the house and then quickly change out the foundation. It was funny, they weren't quite strong enough and kept dropping the house and shifting it from side to side. One of the oddest things I have ever seen.
I still have a while to type but I need to email my letter to president Graff and a Thank you letter to the Gingerys. So I think I am going to have to cut this short here so that I can get both of those done!
There should be a letter coming in the mail soon with a few random pictures that I had printed for various reasons that weren't used, not the greatest pictures but it was all I had haha.
That sounds like a really cool workshop you are going to this week dad! I wish I could go! But oh well, someday. You will have to tell me how it goes. Which professor is in charge of the workshop? On another side note what ever happened with the Large Hadron Collider? I knew they had intended to turn it back on in April but whether that ever happened I don't know! It would be great if you could update me on that!
Well I hope that all goes good at home! I am having a great time and am excited to look for some of the less actives on our list (and not so excited for the tracting that needs to be done this week)! Things go well in Jamaica. I love you all and look forward to next weeks emails! Enjoy Idaho and home!
Elder Kent Talbert

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