Saturday, July 25, 2009

*imagine cool star trek line here* (mind blank...)

Well first off before I forget, I got a letter from Paula that I need to answer a question from. Yes, we do wear helmets when we ride our bikes! It makes things even hotter, the worst is that due to the shape of the inside of the helmet it makes weird impressions in your hair that makes your head look like it has a big bump right down the middle. So if you are going for Klingon look then it works just fine! Haha. Sounds like the family reunion was great! Thanks for the photos! My week was good, but probably not quite so entertaining.
The office goes well. This email might not have a ton of content, there is only so much that goes on in the office. On Tuesday we had our Zone meeting and had interviews with President Graff. That was good! He is a really cool guy. Last Saturday after I emailed Elder and Sister cheesman, the office couple invited us over for dinner, they fed us taco soup! It was really good! We also got a flat tire that night and found a big nail right in our front tire.
On Sunday I got to go to my new branch! It was really good! We have a building that looks nice and there is a decent size branch. Sunday School was really good, brother moses (the teacher) really knows his stuff and does an excellent job. I got to play the piano in sacrament meeting! That was something! Haha, I haven't touched a piano in 6 months and all of a sudden, with 0 practice I was expected to play all the hymns they had previously chosen. Didn't go to bad at all, I expected a lot worse!
After church we had dinner at a members house with our entire zone! There are 3 branches in Kingston and 12 missionaries (small zone) the members like to feed all the missionaries at once so every Sunday we go to a different house and a member prepares a ton of food for everyone! It was really good! We had stewed peas and rice and some beef (the first time I have been fed beef by a member). It was really good.
President Graff this week put me in charge of all of his flights. So now I have to check airlines and purchase tickets and make sure he gets where he needs to at the right time. In 2 weeks President Graff and President Vinas (area Seventy) are going on a tour of the mission so I will get a lot of practice with this whole flight thing. I also this week got presidents new laptop up and running, and fixed a giant spread sheet that the mission has for The Fuel Reports on the vehicles. I never used Microsoft excel to much, I had a bit of practice but now everyone expects me to fix all their problems on excel, I have learned a ton about how to use that program this week! It has been quite interesting.
Well I met an elder Huffaker (I think that is how you spell it if I remember correctly). He is moderately new to the mission (2-3 months). He told me that he had read parts of the blog back home before his mission. That made me chuckle, but he is a way cool elder. I enjoyed my little chat with him as we dropped off a bike.
Hmm! I don't really want to make this just a log of events from my week, but that seems to be what is happening. Haha On Tuesday night elder tanner, hill and I went out teaching and while we were searching for a member a lady named Ann-marie just walked up to us asking us when church is. We told her and started to teach her. She is great! Way interested in the church! We are excited to keep teaching her! Recently we have gotten a ton of really good investigators! I am hoping to see all of them at church tomorrow! All the investigators that we have currently none of them have we actually found on our own! They have all been referrals or people that called us over to them and wanted to know who we were. It has been great! The lord has definitely been blessing us for the all the work we put into the office all day. Our few hours of proselyting have been most effective this last week!
I gave myself another hair cut this week. Turned out decent. I missed a spot that I found in the morning that needed to be fixed, and I think it is still slightly uneven, but oh well, at least it was free! Haha
Ugh..I am running out of things to say. Lately I have been studying a lot out of the book of mormon! It has been great! I have also been trying to use only the book of mormon in all of our teaching. President graff asked us to study only Preach my gospel and the book of mormon, but a lot of the missionaries have also been trying to only use the book of mormon for their teaching also. It has been going very well! You really can teach all the missionary lessons souly with that book. I love it!
Things go well here in Jamaica. I enjoy the position I am in. It would be nice to get more teaching done, but someone has to run the office, and I guess I am that person for the time being. You will have to tell me all about your conference dad! I will be excited to hear about it! Thanks again for the pictures, they were marvelous and I look forward to getting some hardcopies of them! I need to remember to take more pictures, I have been fairly lazy these last few weeks.
I hope that all goes well back home and that this upcoming week is great! Tell alex and shea congrats for me! I am excited that they finally get to head out on their missions! They will love them! I need to go, next week I will try and think of something more interesting, haha.
Love you all,
Elder B. Kent Talbert

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