Monday, July 13, 2009

It's A Trap!!!

Sounds like you have all had a good week! I am quite interested in your whole speaker thing dad, it sounds like you had a lot of hard work but also learned quite a bit of interesting things. Thanks for the complete description-I think I could go build one now. That is one thing I do look forward to in another 20 or so months-physics! Tunnel singing is cool, I have never been but I did know of it, a handful of my friends use to always go. Make sure to tell me how harry potter 6 is! To bad I will miss the opening show, oh well, not really going to ruin my life. Glad you liked those pictures! I had needed some pictures for some things I had been doing, but those were extra, so you got all the weird ones, but hopefully you enjoyed them.
A lot has happened this week! Huge Changes! I really don't remember the start of the week, it is just a blur now. Zone Conference was Friday, met president graff. He is really cool! And fairly young. He is very excited for the work and has some fairly impressive credentials (like turning a branch of 28 in the DR to a district with over 200 people in a few months). He gave a really good talk and mentioned how one thing that is changing is that he will transfer people a lot less, he wants missionaries to stay In their area for 6-10 months now. Well when it was all done he had interviews with the missionaries and then we went back to Negril-and that was when the fun began. We got home, got a call from the assistants informing us that our zone had collapsed, our leaders were released, 2 missionaries were sent home, an area was closed, and everything had fallen into chaos. So we went to bed wondering what in the world had happened, 8 missionaries had been moved and everything was a mess. The next morning we got ready and went out side when our phone rang, president Graff was on the phone and was calling Elder Hillam to be Zone leader, and that the Zone headquarters would be in Negril, so we weren't moving. E. Hillam was now the only district leader and the only Zone Leader in our zone (normally there are 2) and I was his young assistant. Well Sunday came and we spent all day driving around with the assistants moving missionaries around as they reorganized the zone and put different missionaries into different places. It was a lot of driving and we accomplished no teaching. The good thing was that since E. Hillam was zone leader we got a truck! No more bike riding In Negril! It was crazy all day long. Well we got home, and everything was calm again, got ready for bed, knelt down to pray and the phone rang again. It was presidents ring tone, so we stopped our prayer and answered. President Graff had changed his mind, he wanted Elder Hillam to have a companion instead of being the single zone leader. I was told that I would be leaving Negril in the morning! So When was I going to pack? It was night, and bed time, we have to be in bed by 10:30, no changes. So I went to bed and got up this morning and packed quickly. Now I am emailing in Negril, preparing to go to my New area. Another elder is coming to Negril to be with Elder Hillam to be his companion. I will be going all the way to Kingston, in the area that every missionary and senior couple has guessed I would go at some point in my mission-The Office! So now everyday I get up, study, go to the office and sit on a computer/run errands till 3pm at 3pm my companions and I (Elder Hill and Elder Tanner) go to our area and teach. Our area is Trenchtown-don't know if you have heard of it or listened to enough bob Marley to know about it (he has a song about it) but it is one of the biggest Ghettos in the Entire world. It will be interesting. I will be in a driving area, so that will be nice, and I live with the assistants (and they have a microwave!). well I don't really have anything else to say about that, I know little, and it was very very unexpected, even the assistants (who we had been with all day yesterday) were surprised. It will be a wild few days. The biggest change will be Preparation Day, it is now Saturday (fairly positive)-so you will have to change when you email me, because if you email me on Sunday I will have no emails to read this upcoming Saturday. Overall it has been an absolutely crazy weekend and a lot has changed (in our zone-the other zones were unaffected). And this is a very long paragraph!
So enough for the craziness, I would have liked to say good bye to people, but don't have anytime, I am just vanishing. Haha Well Natalie is still doing good, she came to church again and doesn't really have any major concerns, she is hesitant to accept a baptismal date and we don't know why. But hopefully this next week she will have a date of August 2nd. Joan is out of town for a few days but is still doing well, it will be a lot easier to teach her now that we have a truck. Where we taught her was about a 45-60 minute ride from our house. Negril is going to have a lot more teaching time with that vehicle.
Sis. Hylton is still doing amazing! We got her a member packet yesterday (bible, triple, gospel principles, hymn, etc.) It is cool how they just give all the recent converts all those books for free. She said the closing prayer in Sacrament meeting yesterday and loves church! It has been really amazing to see her progress, she is a solid member.
Umm! My mind is just blank on what happened this week, these past few days have just been over whelming, especially the news that I was leaving Negril and had 13 hours to prepare, 8 of which would be sleep, 2 would be study, and 1 would be email. I am curious to see how long I stay in the office, if it becomes my permanent area for a while or if it is just until they find me a new home. The office elders always are the first to get the tri-panionships and normally they remove the extra one as soon as they find a place for them to go. I have a feeling that I will be there for a while, the other 2 are good missionaries but one of them is a Native Jamaican and really has very little idea about how to operate a computer. It will be nice to be around President Graff a bunch, get to know him really well. In the office building there is the presidents office, the missionaries and the senior couple. Elder Sizemore will be surprised to see me again at District meeting on Wednesday. I am in a different branch than him but still the same zone. The branch will be big, won't have just 30 people anymore. Probably closer to 60-70. I don't really know any definites, but it is just the only thing on my mind so it is what I am typing about haha.
We visited a lot of Less Actives all week and had 5 at church! It was really nice to see the fruit of our labors! Church had 34 people yesterday! The most that I have seen! Well I am running short on time, hopefully everything made sense that I wrote, it was sort of everywhere. I need to email president real quick. Thanks for the emails and don't forget to write before Saturday, just in case. I need to write Alex back, but I think that will also wait till Saturday, don't think I will have any time today, my preparation day is mostly just my email time and a ton of driving time. That is cool that everyones farewells are happening! It's about time that more of my friends left! No one will be home when I get home. Life goes well, sort of crazy at the moment, but by next week, (or Saturday) I will be back into the swing of things. Enjoy the week and enjoy the family reunion! I hope it is a lot of fun-when is it exactly and what are you all doing? Well that is all I got for the day! Enjoy, and I love you all!
Elder B. Kent Talbert


  1. I don't get the title of this one...maybe I am too tired.

  2. I don't get it either, but oh well.

    It sounds like Kent is having a very successful experience and learning to adjust very quickly to things.

    Very happy that he is doing well and looks very happy.