Saturday, August 1, 2009

Operation Destruction

It is, yet again, good to hear from you all! This week has been quite entertaining! Thanks for all the pictures! I look forward to hard copies eventually! And thanks for the update on everyone back home mom, I appreciate that. It sounds like the physics convention thingy was great! I will have to attend someday in the future. I liked the pictures. Hopefully, if I have time, I will attach a picture today, I am borrowing an elders card reader so I can use my memory card here.
First off I guess I will go through the highlights of the week. We had 7 investigators at church! Which was amazing! Normally I am happy if we get 2! So that made the day great! And secondly we got to go to Boiler co. on Wednesday!! What is boiler co you may ask? Well it is a place we found that destroys paper. We had 91.8 Kg of old financial records that needed to be destroyed and it was going to take 100 yrs to destroy them with a paper shredder. So we looked into mass destruction and found Boiler co. it is owned by 2 American Chinese guys who are way cool, had a good chat with them. We showed up on Wednesday, put on masks and dumped 10 boxes of records into a giant shredder and our records were obliterated! It was awesome! The machine will destroy anything you give it, wood, paper, metal, cds. Everything gets mulched down to something a bit smaller than a penny, even if it starts out bigger than a stove. It was quite entertaining, it is a good thing I don't own a large industrial shredder, I would own very little for I would try just about everything I own to see if it can shred it.
Today is a national holiday and it took a while to find a place to email, hence why this is so slow. Our water has been out for the last few days, but president and sister graff were kind enough to let us come to their home and shower/use water. It is unfortunate to have no water, but oh well.
My companions have changed a bit, elder hill left to Spanish town and an elder Rebeiro came. He is a nice guy, and is a good teacher! I will miss elder hill, he was a great elder, but I am excited to work with someone new.
So in like 9 days a general authority, President Vinas, is coming to the island to take a tour of the mission with president graff, as part of that he (president vinas) wants to have a meeting with the office staff, (cheesmans, office elders) to see how things are going and where they can be improved. It will be really cool to have a meeting with only 6 people, one of them being a member of the seventy!
Teaching has been going great! I learned that Natalie, from Negril is getting baptized tomorrow! So that was amazing news! I am happy that one of the last investigators I taught there is entering into the waters of baptism! We currently have a girl named Abby that we are teaching, she is doing really well! 17 yrs old, almost 18, and loves the plan of salvation. She is quite intelligent and really wants to learn as much as she can.
A recent convert in our area, Bro. Dawson, has come teaching with us for about 4 hours a day for the last week! It is great to be able to help him get a better understanding of the gospel, and have him their to fellowship our investigators! He loves coming out with us and has been calling us during the day to tell us that we can come pick him up that night to teach with him.
I had to play the piano again on Sunday. It went well, the hardest part is that it is on a cheap keyboard with annoying keys that are a pain to play on and my fingers slip on the small keys and play to many at once. But I am getting better again. I am quite excited to keep playing and excited to eventually return home and play on a fully capable piano. I am quite thankful that mom made me keep at it in my youth and wish I hadn't gotten so lazy!
Found another nice thing about the office! Mail! I got a letter the fastest I have ever gotten it. Only 6 days from the day it was written to the day that I got it! That was quick! Normally I have been averaging about 11-15 days. Life goes well in the office, I have accomplished a lot, redid a ton of spread sheets and made them work a whole lot more efficiently. Excel has become a good friend of mine and now everyone has me making them their spread sheets haha, the only problem is when they ask me to do things that I have no clue how to do (which is a lot!) I saw elder sizemore again yesterday! That was a lot of fun! I really hope that I get another chance to be his companion out in the mission field. He is probably one of my favorite missionaries and a really good friend. He is doing well in Spanish town, accomplishing a lot!
Well I am running short on time and still want to get at least one picture. I brought my memory card with very few recent pictures on it. I just took a really good one yesterday, unfortunately it doesn't have me in it but it is a picture of my favorite non LDS church building (I don't agree with any of their teachings but they can build a decent looking building!) It is a New Testament Church of God, but I just call it the Star Trek church for obvious reasons! Enjoy! Haha hopefully it attaches correctly.
I am way excited for my friends to leave! I am glad their farewells went great! They will have wonderful missions! Well I am really running out of time so I love you all and hope that things are going great back home, enjoy Efy laura!
Elder B. Kent Talbert

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