Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Firing Proton Torpedoes

Sounds like the last week has been fairly entertaining. To bad about your phone mother, haha. In the office we have a handful of extra phones for missionaries who get theirs stolen, run over, shredded, wet, etc. A card reader mother would be amazing! More or less no computer has any form of card reading equipment, only usb, so I just borrow other missionaries card readers and it all works out. But it would be nice to have my own, just make sure to open it, test it, and then just send me the card reader/cord. Don't keep it packaged or anything, just put it in a zip lock baggie so that it looks used. I don't need any fancy instruction booklet or any other random things that it would come with. On a side note I also learned that if on packages/envelopes you tape religious pictures (even if they are just small and printed off a computer) it is less likely that things will go missing in the mail.
I got the pictures you sent in the mail! They are great! Haha I enjoyed them. Well this week has been fairly repetitive. Not huge amounts have happened. Yesterday night we went and helped the Cheesmans move. They got a new place that is really close to our house! It is a nice place and we had a good time helping out. So I officially hit my 6 month mark this week and so We went out to eat at Pizza hut, it cost way more then I wanted to spend but it was worth it! It was also just fortunate that we had to go on a little road trip to deliver some things to different missionaries. One of the places we stopped was Spanish Town and we planned it with the elders there so that we got to eat lunch at pizza hut with Elder brown and Elder Sizemore. It was a lot of fun! Today we are having another big spending day (Ugh!) one of the Assistants who we live with has hit his 2 year mark (he extended his mission so he isn't leaving anytime soon) and so after email we plan on going to a nice restaurant and having a big lunch! It will be a lot of fun, even if it is a bit pricy (at least for a missionary)
I went on a trade off on Wednesday with the Zone Leaders. It was nice to have a lot of teaching time again. The house where the zone leaders live has 2 other missionaries, one of them goes home next week, but he is a lot like me so we had a good time talking in our free time. Next week is transfers. I don't think I will be leaving the office, I could, but I doubt it. But I will have to lose one of my 2 companions. Our mission is going even so everyone will have just one companion. It is going to be fun to see all the new missionaries come in on Tuesday. Being in the office I get to see the new group as they come to fill out a bunch of random paper work and what not.
Our area is still doing well. Their was a national holiday this week (independence day) and so a lot of people were out of town and we spent a lot of time just trying to find the investigators that we do have. But we did have some good lessons. Met a less active family who were baptized in Germany, lived their for a long time, moved to Nigeria, lived their for a long time, moved to Jamaica, lived here for a long time. They were fully active in Germany and Nigeria, but then they randomly went less active after being in Jamaica for a while. They just said they didn't like the church as much in Jamaica, so they decided to stop coming. I see where they are coming at, occasionally the church does seem a bit dysfunctional here, especially in the small branches, but none the less I just laugh at the oddities, it was a fairly dumb reason for not coming to church. They told us that tomorrow they will be at church!
I learned that our branch president is a return missionary! I never knew that! It was a long time ago. I thought our branch had 0 RM. Turns out it has 2, both the branch president and his wife served missions in Jamaica like 10 years ago.
This email seems fairly garbled, I don't think my words are flowing to easy, oh well. I am running out of things to say, the week has just been office work, preparing for President Vinas who arrives later today. Yesterday we went shopping for the first time at Mega Mart! It was a nice place. Sort of a mix between costco and walmart. Walmart in that everything is sold individually and they have everything, costco in that the building on the inside looks like costco and it is set up in the same way as costco. All I bought was a garbage can for our house, and Chocolate muffins! Haha they the big chocolate muffins like the ones at costco. The only difference is that they have a lot less chocolate chips in them.
I still have a decent amount of time left, (20 minutes) but I really don't know what else to type. It amazes me how fast the summer went by. Summer vacation back home is nearly over. It doesn't feel like it should be that close to being over! We didn't have water this morning so we went to the mission home and took showers/studied/washed laundry. The nice thing about doing laundry at the mission home is that they have a dryer and so your clothes come out soft! When you dry everything on a clothes line it just isn't the same.
The biggest problem I have with being in the office is that everything just gets all garbled in my head, I have no clue what happened when and so I don't remember what I mentioned last week and what happened this week. We are kept so busy in the office that we have no time to really think and time goes by even faster! I have a feeling that however long I am in the office will feel like the shortest time on my mission.
During my studies I have been reading the book of mormon again. It is going well. I am doing it a much slower way this time. I had an extra book of mormon that I had bought (just one of the blue paper back ones) and I just started at the start and have been marking in different colors things like references/names of Christ, attributes of Christ, words of Christ, The doctrine, references to the Holy Ghost, etc. It has been going really well, takes a lot longer but it is interesting to see how much the book of mormon really contains. Many pages are quite marked up.
Well now I really am running out of time. I hope that their has been something entertaining in this email. If there is ever anything you would rather have me email about then the random things that I remember from my week just ask and I will see what I can come up with.
That really is about it for the week. Enjoy this coming week. I will try to take a good photo or 2 and send them at some point. I love you all and hope things continue to go well!
-Elder B. Kent Talbert

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