Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Space..The Final Frontier

Well Last weeks email was a bit early, this weeks is a bit late. This morning Elder and Sister Cheesman fed us waffles and bacon and other food! It was really good! And we had a lot of fun! Thanks for Alex's address, I need to respond to a letter but I can't really send it effectively until now. Don't worry dad that I didn't get your email, I had already thought something like that would happen when we had our email time a bit earlier, I still got to read it this week. The weather here has been nice. Early in the week we got some good storms and a lot of rain, but the hurricane missed us and so all is well.
On Monday Elder Rebeiro and I drove to Spanish town to help the zone leaders move from one house to the next. I learned that Elder Christensen, one of the zone leaders, went to provo high school when I was their, we had a good time and got a lot of furniture moved. We also watched part of "Mountain of the Lord" that church movie about the salt lake temple. That is a really good movie, the guy who plays brigham young makes me chuckle.
This week has been quite dull and lacking in excitement so This will be fairly dull but some other random things from the week: I spent half the week driving cars around and have now driven about half the cars in the mission, so now every car is adjusted to my seating preferences. I have also learned all the ridiculous security features on the cars. They are all a bit different. One of them took me a while to figure out. To turn on the car you have to have the seat belt on, the passenger light on and the door closed, then it will turn on, but the then you have to mess with the scroll wheel that controls the amount of air coming from the AC to turn off the last of the alarm. Each vehicle is different, some complex, others simple.
Yesterday we did bike transfers, that was good. Drove around the Triangle all day delivering bikes, took almost all day, didn't get home till nearly 9:30. On Thursday Elder Rebeiro and I went to Zone Leader council to inspect all the vehicles. That was interesting, I don't know what the thought process behind that one was?! Lets see, we need the vehicles inspected, how about we have those two elders who know how to run the office and operate computers, I think they would know enough about cars! We eventually figured it out, but the first vehicle took a while.
Wow, I have written but 3 paragraphs and I am out of things to say. This week has been the world championship for track and field. It has been pretty intense haha. On Sunday we were visiting a less active member, we were talking to them in the middle of the 100m with Usain Bolt and then he won, set the world record and the entire street erupted in cheering. It was interesting. I think I would have freaked out had I not known what was on the TV. If I was just walking down the road and everyone started cheering I would assume a revolution had begun and it would be a good time to leave the area. It has been pretty big here, it is everywhere on every TV, radio, etc. While we are teaching lessons we see groups of kids lining up and having races down the streets, people mention it everywhere.
We have been teaching a good amount of Less Actives. It has been amazing to see why people stop coming to church, normally some really dumb reason. On a complete tangent, but my mind just thought of this, our land lord has been talking to us and showed us his car that he keeps. It was cool, some old 1960 BMW. Our land lord is a really old white guy who use to be a race car driver, a very successful race car driver.
For Zone leader conference the elders in negril came out. It was cool to hear about Negril again. Sister Hylton is still doing amazing and gave a talk in sacrament meeting on Elder Hillam's last Sunday. She gave it on Temple Marriage, I guess she did a great job! I was very happy to hear about that! And Natalie is also doing very good, both of them are still coming to church every Sunday and doing well. I am glad that Negril was left better than when I got there.
So The new assistant, Elder Darling, has been a lot of fun to be around a bunch. He was in Sav when I was in Negril and he trained Elder sizemore so He has been around for a good amount of my mission. He is also a very clean person and cleaned our entire house, it has been nice to be in a cleaner place.
Ugh! I am just rambling on and on with anything that comes to my mind. A majority of the week was spent just driving around, not the most eventful thing to explain. On Sunday our branch president asked us 15 minutes before sacrament meeting started to give a talk. That was interesting, but worked out nicely. I am getting better at the piano again. I find the most difficult part is playing to others singing, especially since the members of our branch change tempo very rapidly. About every other line is either faster or slower then the last. They don't really sing to the piano tune, or tempo they will just keep singing how they think it is supposed to go and I just try to keep up with all the changes. I tried a few times to just play it how it was written but that didn't work so well, normally the singing and the playing were quite a bit off. The branch seems to struggle with singing haha.
I am running short on time. Sorry for the horribly dull email, nothing happened this week. I will try and think of something good for next week. I hope school is going great! I am moderately jealous. I am glad that Shea and CJ and doing great! I hope that they find joy in the work that they do. It is sad to hear about Erin Galbraith, my prayers go out to her and her family.
I love you all and look forward to hearing from you all next week! Do good in school, don't get lazy like I did!
-Elder B. Kent Talbert

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