Friday, October 16, 2009

Captains log, Stardate 2431.32

The following is Kent's entry that he submitted to our family newletter, "The Talbertimes". As his mother, I am glad that he is creative but grateful that his weekly letters are easier to understand!

Life in the Jamaican Quadrant has been great. The headquarters located in Kingston has been running smoothly for the last little while. Elder Rebeiro, an excellent crew member, recently was reassigned to the Maypen region and Elder Brown from the Spain System has been transfered to join us here at headquarters. Tasks have been moderately similar day to day with the occasional distress signal coming our way. We have been in a sticky boarding situation in which the native inhabitants of a nearby system have insisted that we increase the amount of credit they receive. That has caused us to be on a diligent search for new systems on which we might house our crew members. Activity on the Waters surface down on the Rousseau system has had a slight increase as of recently, we had 3 ensigns go down and enter into the waters to perform greater research. The Warp engine has been performing magnificently on our Galactic Cruiser but we have heard rumors that a nearby Cruiser of ours has been attacked by enemy war-birds and is now steadfast and immovable. The admiral has been making a lot of inspections on the distant regions in this quadrant and that has kept us busy. Overall life at headquarters is going well, we are entering the winter months but their has been no indication of a change of weather, we might need to look into that and see why that is happening. For now we are keeping busy with our assignments and no difficulties are arising, things go smoothly and life is good.
Captain out -Elder B. Kent Talbert

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  1. Wow, if I didn't know what all the rest of his letters said, I would be even more lost. I agree with you Wendy. If they were all like that...I'm afraid I might not read them. :)