Monday, February 1, 2010

He wanted me to change into that mindless hulk

I got transferred!! Also I am using the most worthless computer in the world so hopefully this email isn't too short, it just is slower than a snail dragging a mill stone down the road. First off to answer moms questions. I haven't sent the 5000 yet, I was just thinking of that today and intend to do it this week. I worked at Selerity Technologies in Salt Lake City (801-978-2295). I haven't received a package yet, but it is likely in Kingston right now. I just am far from Kingston! haha hopfully their isn't too many spelling errors, it is hard to edit when I miss type, it is just so slow!
Well exciting news, I was transferred! I am in a place called Santa Cruz! Haha It is like being taken from New York City to Malad, Idaho. This is the smallest little town around. Haha, just out in the country, lots of space between houses, large empty weed fields with livestock, etc. I am serving with Elder Tonks, a missionary from Washington. We are Zone Leaders for the Mandeville Zone. In our zone is Mandeville (obviously), Hopeton, Negril, Sav, Santa Cruz, Junction. Good zone. Elder tonks and I white washed the area (meaning 2 missionaries transferred here with no one from before, a new start) Santa Cruz is a very small struggling branch. 1 melchezidek priesthood holder who lives an hour away from the church, and then 0 other men, just a bunch of old ladies who are all good friends haha. The area is struggling so president graff decided to white wash and send the zone leaders there to fix the area. So far it has been quite rough and challenging.
That is great that they are building a temple in Payson! They are still hoping for a stake here in the next 5 years! Things that have happened since I last emailed- Well I finished everything up at the office and have now left. I loved working in the office with Elder and Sister Cheesman, but I will see them again. On Tuesday night before I left we had a big dinner at the Mission home with pres. & Sis. Graff, assistants, and office elders. We had some really good hamburgers and hot dogs and corn on the cob. Very good meal.
Kingston is still booming. Trench Town is ready for the gospel and things are going great there. It is a shame that I will miss so many great baptisms. Santa Cruz is a nice area. I am enjoying it so far. We don't have much going for us right now but we are hoping for a very good week. The Branch President is a very good man. He is from the States and is working here. His wife and kids are still in the states so who knows how much longer he will be here. If and when he leaves, a missionary will have to be the branch president. Elder Tonks and I are focusing on teaching only men. This branch desperately needs priesthood holders.
I am attaching two photos, hopefully this computer doesn't crash when I attempt it. The first is of my last day at the office with the Cheesmans. The second is of the office staff celebrating Elder Stevens birthday. His was just earlier this week. Sister Graff bought him a cake and brought it into the office.

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone, I don't have the computer capabilities to effectively respond to everyone so this will have to do! Unfortunately at our new house we don't have a washing machine. So today I have to go and hand wash all my clothing. I think it will take a lot of my time, but oh well, maybe it will be entertaining. Our house is fairly large. Very empty so everything echos. Well I am excited for my new area, The office has been great, I have made very good friends there with the assistants and elder stevens, I could serve with Elder stevens again haha. Santa Cruz is hot and dusty. It is sort of a common joke to see the fire truck everywhere putting out all the fires that keep starting because of how dry it is.
Life goes well, I am short on time and short on patience with this computer haha. Good luck at work this week dad, I am glad that you will miss laura when she leaves in a few months almost as much as when I went to the MTC, I am glad to know that I was missed more and that she will be missed only almost as much but not quite as much haha. Congrats Heather on the play and congrats Joseph on the license. Thanks for the emails, I love you all and look forward to next week. I think we will find a different internet cafe next week, this one is too slow!
Elder Kent Talbert

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