Saturday, January 23, 2010

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Well another week gone by. It has been a good one to. So I have forgotten to mention this for the last 3 weeks, every time I leave the computer I remember but it is too late. I made muddy buddies! Thanks for all the ingredients, they turned out good and we enjoyed eating all of them. Looks like tubing was fun and I am glad that you are getting the hang of work dad, sounds like it is going to be a really good job. The picture last week mom was a fairly low quality photo just all the way around.
This week was good. My keyboard just broke and is acting really weird. I can't use any punctuation so hopefully I either find a way to fix it soon or you will have to struggle to read this thing. I just restarted and everything fixed, I think it had something to do with sticky keys.
Well, on Sunday Ignatius was baptized! It went very well. He was tall and so we had a hard time finding clothes long enough for him and getting enough water in the font. Unlike back home, in our branch here we only have 3 baptism suits, small, medium and large, and only one of each size, so we had nothing that fit him, in the end he wore white pants and a white shirt. He is still doing great. We have another baptism lined up for tomorrow and another few in the upcoming weeks. Trench town is doing very well these days and we are slowly getting a large number of our members down there.
Transfers are this week. I know where I am being transferred to, but since it hasn't happened yet things are still subject to change so I will just let you know where I go next week after I am positively there. I will be finally leaving the office after 7 months. I am excited but I will miss the office, it has been a very good experience. On Friday the Chessmans took elder stevens and I out for lunch. It was really good, some fancy Chinese place. I enjoyed it.
Last night down in trench town we went to an investigator who was washing her laundry. Well trench town has been out of water for about 3 months now but there are pipes every half a mile or so that have water so everyone goes to these pipes and collects water in buckets. We showed up to her washing and offered to go get more water for her. Bro. Dawson showed us where the nearest water pipe was. We walked a ways and then the scheme ended and entered the land of desolation which was filled with a lot of trash and a lot of tall weeds. We walked through nasty gross garbage until we found a broken piece of pvc that was letting water out of it slowly. We waited our turn and eventually got water. I don't know why that pipe was there and who thought it was a good place to run drinking water. I certainly wasn't going to be drinking any of that garbage water. It was good. Bro. Dawson is sort of crazy and told us all about how aliens visited him and how doctors sometimes come and trick people into cooking food for others-sort of weird.
One of our investigators who was supposed to be at church last week didn't show up, which was frustrating. But we later found out why he didn't come, he had the best reason out of anyone I had ever met. When he had left his yard in the morning someone attacked him and poured acid down his left arm and so he had to go to the hospital and the police station. His arm is pretty cool looking now, he has some interesting burn marks all over his arm.
I am attaching two photos. One is of Ignatius baptism. He isn't standing very tall at all, sort of slouched over. I had a better photo that showed how tall he is, but the lighting was bad.
There is also a photo of Elder Stevens burning his pants. The best part of burning his pants was that afterwards our old landlord came and asked us if we had seen any lightning. From his windows all he could see was the light and he thought it was a storm coming.
Well I don't have much more to say. Life goes well, I am excited for transfers. I hope all goes well back home this week. I got a haircut, it is good. The computer is giving me trouble, so sorry if this is short. I love you all!
Elder B Kent Talbert

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