Sunday, January 17, 2010

This is the End for You, My Master

Thanks for that CD, it worked great! Haha On one of them it had put it all into one giant cda file that worked great In any CD player. The other CD I haven't looked at yet since it has the same stuff (or so the letter said) but I intend to see how the formatting worked on that one. I can't think of anything that I need mom. But thanks for asking. Anything is great, I like floss piks for my teeth. Sounds like things go well at home, I am glad that the Heart Biopsy went so well. I am excited for dad's new job and will be excited to read next weeks emails. Grandma and Grandpa Talbert made a good choice by switching to gMail. It will work well for them I am sure.
Things of interest that happened this week-ugh- well as district leader I have to do baptisms interviews. This week a man from Scotland came to Jamaica and wanted to be baptized, he was taught by the assistants and Pres. Graff and then I was asked to do his interview. During the interview he told me the most amazing conversion story in the world. I figured I would share that with you here. He was born in Jamaica and was part of the Anglican Church (Church of England). He grew up in the faith and eventually went to Scotland and got his phd in theology and went to the school of divinity and eventually became an Anglican minister who had his own congregation and everything went well. He said that while he was in school that the deeper and deeper he delved into Anglican doctrine the more he noticed that something was missing, there was a missing link. So he began to look into other churches and met the missionaries. He studied with them and read the book of mormon and the doctrine and covenants and the pearl of great price (this was over many years) finally he decided that it was true and that he needed to sever his ties to the church in which he led. He got a ridiculous amount of persecution and lost everything. He came to Jamaica, and is now getting baptized tomorrow. He has been living like a homeless guy because he has nothing. He gave up everything single thing for the gospel of jesus Christ. (he is the best dressed homeless man ever). Well Bro Troy Williams took him to his house and now he is living with Bro. Williams until such a time that he is more financially secure and stable. Really intelligent and amazing man. It was an excellent interview and he has a very strong testimony.
Mavis got baptized last week and it went well. Next week her son is getting baptized and tomorrow she is going to bring more of her family to church with her. Which is great! Her son, dale as we call him is really tall. Six foot seven. He is great, likes to read, likes the church, already decided 6 months ago to live the word of wisdom. Very prepared. We are excited for him. Elder Stevens and I have had a lot of success already.
I was told this week by Pres. Graff that I will more likely then not be transferred from the office. I will be happy to leave it on such a good note, with a strong area for the next missionary and everything in the office pretty much caught up. ZLC was this week. We were in charge of inspecting vehicles and buying sister Graff lettuce. It went well. We had a really really good lunch after that. Two days after that was district leader training. Which also went well. Ugh-don't really got much else to say about those 2 events. Part of inspecting cars is to test the seat belts. So we get to try on all the seat belts!
There will be no pictures this week, I left my camera at home today, so next week I will make sure to get a few attached. Also, while this in on the forefront of my mind, I still need the address for the Harrisons and I would also like the address for Bro. Michael Phillips. Thanks!
Hmmm-what else happened this week. In church, it being young here, they had a most unique discussion about consecrated oil. Someone was trying to argue that consecrated oil could be used on wounds and that you could splash it on mad men to keep them away! haha! Thankfully the branch president stepped in and corrected all the silliness.
Today we are going to work on Bro. Williams car again. That will be fun. Ugh..well I don't have much to say about that either haha. Elder McGrath is a talented crochet man. He has made some fancy scripture bags in the last week. Well I am mostly just rambling on and throwing out random thoughts that pass through my mind. I still have email time and I am really running out of things to say. On they have these things called "Mormon Messages" which are like 3 minute videos that share an inspiring thought. They are all really good. I think I have seen all of them now. About once every 2 weeks a new one appears. I would suggest watching them if you ever have free time.
Is your new job dad going to give you a new laptop? If so will it be running windows 7? I here it is nice. Thanks for everything you all do for me back home. I appreciate it. I hope that this coming week is great. I love you all and look forward to your emails next week!
Elder B. Kent Talbert
p.s. Happy birthday dad. hopefully your card arrives this week....

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  1. I'm glad the buying of the lettuce went well. ;)