Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Circle is Now Complete

Happy New Year! It has been good to hear from everyone yet again. I will make sure to get letters out mother, although I do need to know the Harrisons Address, I could guess it but I think I would only get close. I am glad that the trip up to Idaho was good. I am excited to hear about dad's job next week! I got the pictures this time mom, thanks!
The week has been excellent. Elder Stevens and I have been working hard and have got a lot accomplished. So now where to begin- There is this old lady named Mavis that we have been teaching. She is getting baptized today. She is great! While teaching her we have also begun to teach her children and grandchildren, 2 of which are lined up to be baptized during the month of January (Dilly and Ignatius Dale). Ignatius Dale, Mavis son, has a silly name but is awesome! We met him sitting on a bench looking like a homeless bum. We taught him for like 15 minutes and told him we would be back the following day. The following day came, we showed up and asked him if he had read the pamphlet we had left him. He had! And not only had he read it, he knew it extremely well, he could quote it and explain everything that it talked about. We were amazed. Well we taught him a bit more and he agreed to be baptized in the coming weeks.
New Years Eve was dull, definitely not as much fun as you all had! We got to go in early (6pm) because the President and Sister Graff were worried about our safety and crazy people on New Years eve. So we went in early, planned, ate food, talked, and then went to bed at 10pm. So we just got random extra relaxation time that wasn't horribly effective but oh well, it was still nice. 2010 has now come. Weird to think that in a year when 2011 comes I will be nearly done in Jamaica. To Celebrate the new year we got up on New years day, drove to the city of Linstead and helped some missionaries move from one house to another. I am now up to 13 houses that I have helped move out of. I have decided that I could never be a mover for a living, I am not a big fan of it, although I have gotten good at packing a truck to its brim. After that we came to the office and Elder Stevens and I worked on some spreadsheets that the Assistants wanted made. The spreadsheets are looking good! It has been a lot of fun to serve with Elder Stevens, he knows computers very well and so he has caught onto excel very quickly. He will, more likely then not, be my replacement in the office. I probably will leave the office on January 28th, but that is not final yet so who knows what will really happen.
Funny story, So Elder cheesman was working on his computer and needed to print something. So he pushed print. Somehow though he did something wrong and his computer began to print off a ton of pages! They were all blank pages, so now we have a ton of blank paper to use, again. The thing he meant to print off printed, but it was microscopically small and just a big ink smudge on one of the pieces of paper. I got it to stop printing before if finished (it wanted to print over 800 pages of blank paper).
Well I am going to include 2 pictures today. One is of a street in downtown Kingston. We took it just the other day and I liked the photo a lot. That is what it typically looks like.
The second one is that of the crashed airplane. It is still there, they haven't tried cleaning up the wreakage yet. Who knows when they will get to that. I think only 1 person on the plane died, everyone else just suffered injuries. Thankfully it wasn't to bad of a crash.
Hmmm-- What else to say. Life is going great, it is a ton of fun to be serving with Elder Stevens again! We are having a great time and we are working very hard. It is still hot here, but I am happy that it is hot, snow doesn't sound like that much fun! Happy Birthday Dad, With Christmas an everything I forgot to send out a card on time. Haha it will more likely then not be late, but maybe it will be super fast! Enjoy school this upcoming week, I am sure that my week will be good. Well that is it for this week. I love you all and hope that things go great!
Elder B. Kent Talbert

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