Saturday, May 29, 2010

He Doesn't Like You


Well good to hear from you all again. Sounds as if things are going pretty well back home. I liked the pictures that Debbie sent of her grandchildren, those were nice. 

It has been a very wet end to the week. Starting Thursday morning at 7 am it poured and poured and poured and poured and poured until 2 pm. Everything was flooded. The roads had a good 6 inches at least on them and the roof in the church was very leaky and so I spent some time trying to find all the leaks and catch them in buckets. We also learned that our door to our house is not water proof so we had tons of water in our house that we had to clean up haha. It made for a mostly pointless day, the rain kept everyone inside and nobody wanted to come out. It was pretty crazy rain, it just kept coming down nonstop. Well then on Friday the same thing happened, then on Saturday the same thing happened. everything was very wet and it seemed there was no escape. It was in every building and on every floor. Just a big mess, but it was entertaining. 

On Saturday we had our baptism! so that was good. It didn't rain until the afternoon on saturday so in the morning we didn't have a problem. The ocean was a bit colder than normal, but still pretty warm. The sand doesn't get to muddy, it is already really dense sand and all the rain does is make it denser and stick to everything. The baptismal service was nice, sort of rushed, but nice. Turns out that Danillo (the man being baptized) thought the baptism was at 8 and he had to be to work by 9 and we thought it was at 8:30 so by the time we showed up he was getting anxious. Then on sunday he was late to church because he hadn't had time to wash his clothes and so he had washed them before church and was waiting for them to dry (a tricky process when the sun is hidden by clouds).

Friday night we played volleyball on the beach. It was a successful activity. The sand was just wet, but not muddy so it worked out well. A good number of investigators showed up this time to play so that was good. They got to mingle with many of the members and they all loved it. 

Hmmm...what else... It has been a dull week. Thursday and Friday the rain prevented us from doing to much. and the earlier part of the week was typical of mission life.

 I am attaching a handful of random photos. The First is of a group of school children stranded on a bench at a bus stop in the rain. sorry it is slightly blurry, that wasn't because of the camera, that was just all the rain, it was like a big wall of rain just falling from above.

 The second is of a lizard I decided to photograph. He was hiding under my bike handle.

 Third is a picture of a flower at the church.

 Finally is a strange picture of me at volleyball on Friday. Hopefully they all work.

Pres. Hendricks is supposed to arrive tomorrow. But who knows now. Supposedly some big riot and gang violence has broken out and the air traffic has stopped. I don't really know anything about it, but it was expected. There has been a big drug lord guy that the USA has wanted for a good while now and everyone always assumed that Jamaica would break out in gang wars if anything happened to him. Pres. Hendricks will come for a few days to Jamaica and then sometime in June he goes back to Utah to the Mission presidents training seminar and will return in July. I don't think I will meet him till July. 

Well hopefully Laura's graduation goes over well. Congratulations. That is nice that summer is coming. hopefully it warms up there. With the banking stuff mom, just put whatever you think you won't need into a 1 yr thingy. That is cool that you started school again mom, good luck with that.

Teaching of Reuben has been going well. I have been reviewing the entire plan of salvation with him again. He is so interested in the church and loves to read the book of mormon and loves to learn as much as he possibly can. Now if he would just get baptized! whenever he does get baptized he will make an excellent member/teacher. He is catching on the english more and more and he understands the gospel pretty well. 

Well that is about it for this week. Things are going well. I guessed CJ's email correctly, so that was good to get an email from him this week. I am enjoying the mission. Hopefully school finishes up nicely for you all. I love you all!

Elder B. Kent Talbert

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