Friday, May 14, 2010

He's Burning Faramir alive!


Well it was excellent to talk to you all yesterday, unfortunately I am now low on things to write in this email. I guess I will take the extra time I would be writing to attach pictures instead. This week was good. skype was an excellent idea, it is amazing how wonderful technology is these days. It sort of reminds me of Back to the Future II when Marty gets fired by his boss who is on a big screen in his house and sends some fax like thing to him. Sort of funny how the futuristic things in that movie are now not so futuristic. It was good to see Jim and Debbie and Josh and Grandma and Grandpa Talbert and my dog yesterday. hopefully Josh is going somewhere in life, I look forward to hanging out with him when I get home.

Well Our Meeting with the Colemans on Friday was a lot of fun. Elder Coleman gave an excellent presentation on establishing the church more fully and the organization of the church which was quite interesting. It was wonderful to see elder Tanner and Elder Sizemore again. We had a lot of fun talking and catching up on what has been going on every where. My new mission president will be President Hendrick. He has been set apart and will arrive someday, nobody has any clue when he is going to arrive in Jamaica. I am excited to meet him and hope he is great!

Our 2 baptisms this Saturday went very well, the ocean was nice. One of the Girls had her hair that refused to go under so she had to be baptized 3 different times. But they are doing well and glad to be members of the church. We have another baptism planned for this thursday, another man, named wisley or something like that. He is good and has been coming to church for a little while now. He is another Haitian. We have been attempting to teach people other than Haitians to build up the branch here with a bit firmer foundation, but not much success so far, so we just keep teaching all the Haitians who come to us, we don't go out and find Haitians they just come to us. 

I am attaching 3 pictures, one of part of the pirate caves, 

one of us on the beach friday night after dinner,  (L-R Elders Sizemore, Talbert, Brough, and Tanner)

 and lastly one of the sunset.

 Hope you enjoy all of them. 

It is nice to have an email system that I don't have to worry about picture size or anything. Thank goodness for google. On a similar note, every week I send my email to, yet I notice that everybody else emails me from a different email address. Would there be a better email address that I should be emailing weekly?

The Reliefsociety president yesterday brought thingys for mothers day and she also randomly made the missionaries a loaf of home made bread! I am excited to make sandwiches this week, so that was wonderful! Church was great. We had 7 tourists who all leave tuesday and who all wanted to feed us dinner monday night, so that was unfortunate that we had to deny people dinner appointments. I gave a talk yesterday on Repentance, I think it went over pretty well.

hmmm....what other random thoughts do I have that I didn't mention yesterday.... Teaching has been going good, we have a handful of really good investigators and a lot of potential. It is also amazing to see how much many members of the church have stepped up since the abduction of 9 of our members. Some of our main leaders were taken so someone had to replace them. Thankfully many members that had always just sort of stood on the sidelines began to do their duties and keep things running.

Is there anything you wish I added more of in my emails? I normally try to get a variety of everything, but occasionally I run into times like this with absolutely nothing to say. This has the potential to be the shortest email I have written on my mission.

I guess I will just end this email for now, I don't really have anything else to say. Random scripture chain that I was marking earlier this week: Moses 6:31, Moses 7:13, Ether 12:27. Well I hope that this week is great for everyone! I will have more to say next week! I am doing well, things are going well. I enjoy hearing from everyone and look forward to next weeks emails. good luck. I love you all!

Elder B. Kent Talbert

p.s. haha sorry it is so short! :D

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