Sunday, August 29, 2010

At Dawn, look to the East

Letter from Aug 24

Well a lot has happened this week. First off you are probably wondering why you didn't get an email from me yesterday....well it was just really really busy and I actually was just going to wait till next week to email you all and what not but I decided instead I should try and squeeze in a bit of time today to at least let you know that I am still alive and that a giant talking banana has not eaten me. This week was great! much random things have happened that I can barely think about it all, I don't have much time so I will quickly mention the highlights and hopefully get to the rest some other day.

First off we had Wednesday! Amazing! We had Elder Anderson of the 70 come and visit us, which is fun in the Turks because there are only 4 of us so we just got to hang out for a whole day. Anyways he gave us some instruction, we ate dinner, and then had a fireside. The fireside was great! Pres. Hendricks and his wife spoke, and so did Elder Anderson and his wife. We had 120 people in attendance, that is really good since a year and a half ago there was only like 10 members. Well for the fireside we had a special musical number with the YW and I was the pianist. Well I have practiced this song a billion times (How Shall I Live) and I could play it nearly perfectly. But I was worried that in front of such a large group I would get nervous and fail. Well I have been playing in sacrament meeting for eternity now and I am used to it and it doesn't bug me, but this time I had a member of the 70, and my mission president, and the assistants which are me peers and I was sort of nervous and worried that this was going to be bad. So finally the time came for the musical number and it came out almost perfectly! I made a few very minor errors but I was more or less able to keep all my nerves in control! I am quite happy about that, I have always struggled playing the piano for groups of people, but I am finally getting to the point where I can play in front of anyone and do nearly as good as when I am just by myself. I am still more prone to make mistakes in groups, but they are very minor and don't bother me, I don't have any sort of shaking problem with it anymore like what seemed to be common before.

Anyways, so that was great. Next on the way home from the Fireside we were with the assistants and they needed to go see Pres. Hendricks real fast as his resort so we drove there. then they went and talked to him, then he wanted me to come in and talk to him. Well I had been slightly preparing myself for what he was going to say because I had a very strong guess. He told me that I was going to be leaving the island. well I had thought that, I didn't really want to leave, but I had had a feeling for the last few days that I was going to leave. He told me that I was going to leave on Saturday (3 days ago) then he said what was a slight surprise, I was returning to Kingston to serve with Elder McGrath. I was going to be replacing Elder Tanner. So that was interesting.

So Thursday and Friday I said goodbye to the Chalas family, wow I miss them already! haha, They are one of my favorite families from my mission. Anyways, so then on Saturday I flew out. Then things have just been crazy. I am going to have to be really fast here, Pres. Hendricks just showed up and we have a meeting with him in 30 seconds so I don't really have time to say what I was going to say. Things are awesome here! I am sort of lost haha I don't know any of the missionaries these days. Life is really busy but I like it that way. My preparation day is Saturday again so make sure to email me on friday night or something like that. It is cool to be back in the office again, only this time on the other side of things. The Cheesmans are doing great so that is awesome! I am doing well, I have eaten very well the last few days. I will talk to you all again on Saturday. I will definitely miss the Turks, I love that branch there and the people there, but I look forward to the challenges ahead. You're welcome mom for all that stuff last week. Thank you, I love you!

Elder B. Kent Talbert

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