Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And I thought they smelled bad on the outside


Well sounds like things are going well back home. This week was good. The weather has been nice. Funny instance this week, I was sitting in the back of someones' car just sitting there waiting for someone else to climb in and I was thinking, wow, it is a very nice night, very cool. Well then I looked at the thermometer and realized it was 90 degrees outside, I have gotten a bit to use to the temperature here, I didn't think I ever would.

Ruben got baptized this week! At the start of my mission at the MTC I set a goal to have 24 baptisms on my mission, on Saturday Ruben was my 24th baptism! He is going to make an amazing convert. He is one of my favorite converts, it is hard for me to decide an all time favorite, I love all my converts, but Ruben is special. He really is my convert, I have mostly taught him alone everytime I have taught him over the last 5 months I have been on splits with my companion. I have taught him everyday for 5 months and slowly pushed through all his concerns. He also knows a ridiculous amount about the church, after about 2 weeks I had taught him everything the missionaries teach and so I just kept teaching him different things until now he knows a lot. Anyways, the baptism was awesome, Ruben is awesome, he is very happy and he is doing great! I will attach a picture here of the baptism. I am not really sure what we were all looking at...we sort of failed to look at the camera, but so it goes.

Well every Tuesday and Thursday we have english school, and so I leave Kingstown and walk to the church with Ruben, and Miguel and Kenyel and anyone else that wants to come. On Thursday we were walking and for some reason or another Star Wars was brought up. There is this Star Wars Cartoon on TV that the kids watch. Well turns out no one besides myself had ever heard of Star Wars the movies, they all thought that the TV show was all that ever existed! Since then Miguel has been asking me all about the Star Wars movies and now he really wants to see them! I didn't think any 10 year old boy had never seen star wars. Oh, I will attach a picture of us walking to english class, Sis. Herbert spotted us and took our picture.

Hmm....what else happened this week. We have a ton of great potential investigators, just need to get them to do more than just come to church. They are willing to come to church but that is about the end of their commitment keeping, we really need them to be reading. Ruben has been giving us a ton of referrals so that is great, makes finding new investigators a lot easier.

I don't remember if I already told you this, hopefully I am not repeating myself. But everyday we walk to Kingstown and teach, it sort of our teaching area these days until we can't get anymore work done there and give it a break. So Everyday we walk into the yard (a yard here is deemed a group of houses, a house normally consists of one room made of wood with a total area of 50 sq ft, in a yard there can be anywhere from 10-100 houses all poorly constructed leaning on one another, a hurricane would rip them all out) anyways, so we walk into the yard everyday and it seems like within 20 seconds Kenyel and Michala find us, they have some strange missionary sensor, they just appear out of nowhere. They then just follow us around all day and sit in all our lessons. It always makes me laugh with how fast they appear and how they just follow us around. The other day Kenyel (he is sort of a monster) had found a baby bird that he was carrying around. The bird just sat in his hand or sat on his shoulder, it was strange but funny.

Hmmm....What else.....Things are going well here, life is good, we have a good teaching pool, the branch is doing great, Elder Packard and I get along just fine. I sort of wonder if I will get transfered on August 25, I would rather not, but if I do at least I feel that I will have left the branch stronger than it was. Elder Packard has had all these random health concerns this week, so that has been slightly funny. Ughhh...yup, that is pretty much the week. I was just looking through photos to see if I had anymore to really attach, but I don't.
Well time is up. Things are great here, I am healthy and well, life is good. I hope this next week is great and all goes well back home. I love you all!

Elder B. Kent Talbert

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