Thursday, July 29, 2010

For the Last time, no one ordered a giant tranpoline


Well this week was good. It was great to hear from you all again! I am very jealous that you got to go see the first nuclear power plant, that sounds like an awesome place to visit. I would also like to see all them lava rocks. Well unfortunately we have to email at the internet cafe this week, and as such the computers are slow, my typing is about 20 letters ahead of what appears on the screen, so sorry if their are many errors, also as such it means I doubt I will get a ton written this week, but we will see what happens.

The highlights of this week include the epic storm from Wednesday! We got hit hard. We woke up and the sky was all cloudy and it felt like it was going to be a stormy day. Then the Herberts told us that a storm was coming that could become a hurricane. Well anyways We did our standard thing. At about 2 pm we went on splits, Aris and I walked for 30 minutes to an area called Kingstown and taught some lessons, but at 3:30pm it started to rain, so the Chalas family was kind enough to let me hide in there home from the pouring rain (it was coming down like crazy!). So Then we were going to wait it out. I just talked to the Chalas children, the father was somewhere and the mother was working in the kitchen. It was fun, but after 4 hours it was starting to get dull, it just kept coming, and we were stranded! 30 minutes from the church and everything outside had flooded, we had about 6-7 inches lingering on the ground makeing it look as if everything was just floating. Finally the Herberts called and they came and resuced Aris and I, Elder Packard had already made it to the church in saftey a little before. It was a lot of fun just hanging out at the chalas house, but not super effective. Anyways, the Herberts drove us home, we just sat inside and it rained and rained and rained and rained and finally stopped the next morning at about 9am, so nearly 18 hours of rain! Our house completely flooded so we just sat there in the water, turns out our walls start to ozz when it rains to hard. We are looking for a new house now. So that was crazy fun! It took 4 days for our house to dry out and for the roads to finally be visable again. Then the storm passed us and that was it.

The Herberts left on Friday to a senior couple retreat thingy in Jamaica so we got the car! That was cool, I was tired of hitch hicking everywhere. So we got to drive around, the only problem was that the moment we got the car it was as if our translators and members that help us became the laziest people on the planet and wouldn't walk anywhere, so that was annoying. The Herberts return today, so no more car, but it was fun while it lasted.

Reuben, the eternal investigator, finally wants to get baptized! I have been teaching him since April...maybe March, I don't recall. Anyways, he knows everything about the church, he has been taught everything over and over and over, and he would come out teaching with us everyday for hours and comes to everything that happens at the church, etc. He was like the member that wasn't really a member. He speaks english very well and so he makes for an amazing translator. Anyways, so on Friday I was trying to teach him, but the Chalas children were being very loud (he lives next door to the Chalas family). So I gave up teaching him and then the Chalas kids for some strange reason just sat there and insulted Reuben for an hour, reminded me of the French in Monty Python. So Reuben was getting frustrated with them, and I was annoyed that they wouldn't be quiet, but we just ignored it. The next day I show up and we have our lesson, the Chalas children were gone, so we had a quiet lesson. He told me about how he spent all night thinking about what the Chalas kids had said to him (they spent a lot of time insulting him and telling him his life is going nowhere) well he then told me that they were right, that he thinks his life is going nowhere and that he needs to make his life go somewhere, so he wants to be baptized this Saturday! Hopefully everything works out! A blessing in disguise, it was really annoying to have the Chalas kids acting so rude and immature, but in the end it was actually a good thing, it pushed Reuben over the edge.

No pictures this week, to difficult at this place. I have been the branch pianist for quite some time now (ever since I got here) and I have gotten quite good at the piano as of late. Anyways, Sister Otin (the Branch President's wife) is the Young Women's President and had a song called "How Shall I Live" some YW song that she wants the YW to sing for a fireside coming up or something like that. Anyways, I was obviously asked to play the piano for it, it has been quite entertaining practicing it, it is coming along nicely. The YW are good at singing, but they need to drastily increase their volume.

Well I am short on time. Things are great here. It is good to know that I was accidentally almost given a calling haha, that would be a bit expensive of a trip over and over, but hey, maybe it could be fun. Sounds like the vacation was great, glad that everything went over well with that. I am doing great, hopefully this week is as good as last week! I love you all and look forward to next week! Sorry if this is a bit short!

Elder B. Kent Talbert

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  1. It was rather funny! Your dad was like, "Um, that's my son, not me!" All is well now and you're off the hook ;-)