Friday, July 9, 2010

Sharp rocks at the bottom?


Well things are going good. It was great to hear from you all again as usual. I am glad to know that my dog still has panic attacks every time fireworks go off. Thanks for Bishops email dad, that will make things a lot easier, I don't really trust the postal system here, I have sort of wondered if they really send half the mail they get. It is probably some plot to take over the island, at least it seems that that is something postal workers would attempt. Good luck with the Physics mom, I am quite jealous.

First I will relate a strange observance I have made over the last few weeks. In the Branch President's office there are always all these little black beatles everywhere. I don't know where they come from, there are on average 12-15 in his office. The odd part about these bugs is that normally 75% of them are dead. I have wondered what kills them so I sort of watch them here and there. I have found the source of their death, turns out they are some of the dumbest bugs around, natural selection has chosen them to go extinct. They just sort of roam the room mindlessly and always come to the wall, well they always make a decision to climb the wall. they begin the climb and after about 2 inches they fall and land on their backs. Well this wouldn't be a problem except for an evolutionary disadvantage where once on their backs they can never flip over again and so they just lay there struggling to get up and eventually die. all the dead beatles just lie there at the base of the walls, it is quite humorous now, I get a good laugh every time I walk into that office and find 5 new dead bugs. Not the brightest bugs, but then again perhaps it is some strange beatle feat where whichever beatle makes it to the top wins the kingdom and so they just eternally try and just die over and over and over.

We had a baptism this week, I will attach a picture here of that. Actually I will attach 3 pictures. I am quite unsure what is going on in one of those pictures, it looks as if I am falling over or something, haha. Anyways, the baptismee is named Micahel. He is an eternal investigator. He has been investigating the church for the last year and a bit and was always so unsure if he really wanted to be baptized. Finally this week on monday we got him all excited for baptism and from there it was easy, He was finally ready. He speaks english very well and is excited to do missionary work and help with translation. overall a very good baptism. I decided I would get a haircut today, although my hair does look pretty epic in those photos.

The World Cup has been progressing well. Germany Destroyed Argentina on Saturday. It was funny, all the Haitians either lover Brazil or Argentina, probably 70% like Brazil and 30% like Argentina. Well Brazil lost on Friday and so many of the Haitians were not to happy. But then on Saturday when Argentina lost 4-0 It was crazy, We walked into a yard the minute it ended and everyone was cheering and was super excited that Argentina had been defeated. The Next day at church our branch president (who is Argentinan) made a handful of jokes about the world cup, it made for a good time. The other funny side effect of this was that before this week people would ask me which team I wanted to win and I would say Germany and they would all look at me confused trying to figure out who Germany was and where Germany was. Well now everyone has become Germany fans and yesterday I had 3 different people who I had never met walk up to me and ask me if I am German (I am not...obviously) haha.

In more depressing news, the Ockeys came (not the depressing news) but the also brought news that E. Sizemore had gone home. Why, I do not know...I don't know any of the details, but that was pretty terrible, he was a great elder. E. McGrath is an assistant again. Well with the Ockeys coming it meant we got to go out to eat again at all the fancy restaurants. The weirdest part I find about it is that before my mission I did not like fish one bit, now when we go out to eat I choose fish over steak or chicken. I have found that fish can be quite good, especially when it is very freshly caught, most of the restaurants serve fish that was caught that day. I like Grouper a lot, especially the Nassau Grouper and Tuna is quite good to. Pres. Ockey convinced me to try tuna exceeding rare, so I did, turns out it was quite good, I was surprised, I think I would order it again.

The 4th of July was a more or less non-existant holiday here. The only sort of celebration we had was when we were about to leave the church and one of the members we were with wanted to sing some hymns and so I played the piano for a bit and we had a grand finishing of The Star Spangled Banner, other than that I would never have known it was a holiday. This country doesn't celebrate the 4th....obviously, instead they celebrate weird holidays, like the Queen's Birthday, and probably her dog's Birthday.

Hmmm....I am trying to think what else happened. The weather has been weird; no rain, but the sky has been this odd hazy color like there is a lot of bad gas in the air, only that isn't really possible since there are very little emissions here. Anyways, I am hoping it rains this week, I am tired of the heat and could do with a bit of a cool down. Don't worry about a hurricane to much mom, we are prepared, we have a food supply, I have plenty of Spaghetti-O's to last me.

It seems like something else happened this week that I just can't quite seem to remember. anyways, time is running short. Things are going great here, my eye has mysteriously turned very red again haha. The members here are wonderful, immigration has given them to much trouble this week. I am doing well. Keep up the missionary work Laura! Enjoy your week, be safe. I love you all and look forward to next weeks emails!

Elder B. Kent Talbert

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