Thursday, July 29, 2010

Which I'm still going to destroy, by the way.

Well it is great to hear from you all again. It is sad to hear that Grandma Kent has passed away, but probably for the best. This week was good. Yesterday at church we had a talk by this member named Fen. Fen is weird, he knows the gospel well, and he speaks English and Creole well, but his talk was nuts. I was having a hard time not laughing through the whole of it. All of us that could hear him, and understand what he was saying in English and Creole, and understood the gospel were having a hard time not laughing. First off he gave 2 different talks, he translated for himself, only he didn't translate. He would say something in English, and then say something else in Creole, so the english speakers got one talk and the creole speakers got the other talk, and those that understood both were just confused at it. Well his English talk was all about tithing and paying tithing. Then he moved on to talking about fish and that if we don't have any money to pay tithing we could pay with fish instead haha, I would love to see the look on Pres. Otin's face if someone handed him a fish for tithing. His Creole talk was also about Tithing, only instead of fish he was talking all about growing bananas and potatoes and how to produce the best crops via paying your tithing. Well that is great and all except that nothing grows on the island, it is a desert which is dependent upon tourists to provide money. Anyways, it gave us a good laugh.
Well on Thursday I felt that we needed to go to a new area where we had never been before, a spot called Kingstown. So Thursday morning we walked down to kingstown to find people to teach. It has been quite productive. The Chalas family lives down in that part and so we found them first and then proceeded to find other investigators. We have now been down there everyday. The Chalas family has 2 smaller children and this little boy that lives next door named Kenyel that is always running around with them. It has become my job to entertain them because it is near impossible to teach with them running around and interupting the lesson every 10 seconds. So I spent everyday with these kids keeping them entertained while Elder Packard taught these other guys, (including one with 6 fingers!). The little kids have been great! Kenyel wants to be baptized, so I found his mother and invited her to church and now she wants to be baptized also (Kenyel has been coming to church for maybe 3 months now with the Chalas family). So that has been great. The Chalas family all around is excellent (I think I have mentioned that before) I have enjoyed getting to know them a lot more this week, we have spent a lot of time around there yard teaching their neighbors and what not. Well we had family night with them on monday, I will attach a picture here of that.
Starting at the back Left you have Karen, she is 16 almost 17, and very quiet, near impossible to get her to say much. Next is Jessie, she is 14 and very talkative, she always has something new to tell me, she speaks english and spanish and creole very well and thought fens talk was hilarious. Next is Sis. Chalas, she works every sunday but was able to come yesterday!! Finally! first time she has been at church in 11 years! hopefully she can get work off more often. Next is Bro. chalas, he is exceedingly faithful, but also near blind and has a hard time providing for his family. In the front left we have Mikaela (not sure on the spelling) she is crazy and always climbing all over us. Then Miguel, he is 10 and very smart. He was just baptized in March (he was my first baptism on this island) and then finally is Kenyel, he is 9 and sort of wild, his mom works all day and so he is just left alone to do what he wants. Overall an awesome family, they are from the domincan repubic originally and have been members for a long time, a great strength to the branch. lots of fun stories with them from this week, but I won't bother to write them now.

So other than that this week has been fairly typical. It is raining a lot today. My mind pretty much just went blank on what I was typing and I have no clue what I am going to say next. On tuesday We had dinner with some members, it was good. They were the ones that really helped to start the branch and as such they know the complete history of the branch. It was really cool, they told us the entire story of how this branch came to be what it is today. I would write it down here, but it would be fairly boring without knowing many of the people involved. The Otins also fed us lunch on wednesday. We get dinner appointments from the members once every few months and it just happened to fall all on the same week. It was great though. I get tired of the same food everyday and it is always nice to eat something different.

Well ugh.... wow, I just can't seem to think today, I keep forgetting what I was going to say next. ugh... I thought I had a lot to say this week, but I guess not. Spent most of our time in Kingstown. We have a lot of good potential right now. Plenty of Investigators that are well on there way to baptism. The world cup is finally over!!! It was epic, but it was a huge distraction to everyone, it was near impossible to teach anyone during the games, no one would listen to us. Hopefully it makes this week very productive.

Well my time is nearly up, I have spent so much time just staring at the screen that I didn't get to write much today.... opps. sorry about that one. Transfers are this week. I don't think I am getting transfered, but I guess you never know! could always be a surprise. I sort of hope that I am not transfered. I like my companion enough and I love the members here, they are great people. I would like to spend one or two more transfers here if possible. Enjoy this week, hopefully the funeral is nice. Good luck with whatever it is your all doing. I love you all and look forward to next week!

Elder B. Kent Talbert

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