Thursday, July 29, 2010

Living proof that dinosaurs once roamed the earth


Well another week gone by. It was great to hear from you all again. I am glad that the funeral was nice, and hopefully the vacation is awesome. This week was good. Transfers have come and gone, I am still in the same spot, as I figured. E. Stevens has finished his mission, which is sort of weird to think that he is now done.

Not much of note happened this week, fairly standard. We have been going on splits a lot to try and get a lot more accomplished. This week in itself was quite effective. Almost everyday I have been going with Aris, this strange member that is still cool. Everyday he comes to the church and him and I walk to Kingstown and teach all day. Aris is always really helpful for a while and then he gets really lazy and just wants to quit. Yet everyday if we don't call him he calls us and asks if he can come. He does nothing all day unless he comes with the missionaries., elder packard is talking way to much right now and I am having a really hard time focusing on what I am typing, hopefully this all makes sense. Elder Packard is cool and I enjoy serving with him. Anyways, Aris is funny. Down in Kingstown is where the Chalas family lives, Aris thinks the oldest daughter Karen is cute and is always trying to talk to her. Well everyday he gets frustrated and tells me he is never coming back and then through some strange miracle something always happens that drives him to come back. On Saturday he was frustrated and told me he wasn't going to ever come back but then Karen came outside and sat near him and so when we left and we were talking as we walked back to the church he was so excited that Karen had sat near him, even though she had said nothing to him, that he couldn't wait to come back the next day. Everyday something like that happens, something really ridiculous that makes Aris willing to come back the next day.

We have been teaching this lady named Jena, she is maybe in her 40's. She is really nice and planning on being baptized in August. She is very cool, but not the greatest reader, she is lacking an education, but she is at least willing to give her best try. Reuben, although not a member, still comes out with us and does all our translating, he is a very good translator. I wish he would get baptized, but he is very slow at it all.

On Wednesday we had a short little video conference. I guess they have some new training on Preach My Gospel that the First Presidency is sending out to the world. They are reemphasizing some important aspects that they don't feel that missionaries are focusing on enough. It was largely focused on teaching the importance of scripture study and prayer. To often the missionaries spend to much time getting through all the doctrine. Most investigators just forget all that anyways, all they can remember is the feeling of the spirit. Instead they want us to focus on getting investigators and recent converts to get in the habit of reading daily on there own. so nothing really new, just sort of a new focus. It was good training, I enjoyed it.

Yesterday night Aris and I were waiting at the church for Elder Packard and we had about 15 minutes and we were stuck outside because we don't have keys. Well I got curious (not always a good thing) about whether I could find a way into the church without keys. Turns out it was possible. I looked up on the balcony and realized that one of the bars that protects the windows was missing. so I climbed up the wall to the balcony and then was able to get the rest of the bars removed, with one gone everything else was lose. either way, in the end I got in the church. Well that was fun, and now I am making that window safer, the missing bar is one of the problems, but also it is missing some important bolts, so I am going to replace those this week and make that window safe.

Hmmm...what else, with all this talking I am having a hard time thinking of what else to say.... I am attaching a picture of volleyball on friday. It is good, I am getting good at volleyball after playing week after week. It is a good activity, people have a lot of fun, and it is great fellowship for all the investigators that come. well I am nearly out of time.

This week was great, I am looking forward to this next week. Hopefully the vacation is awesome. I just remembered that I had a cool spiritual thought to share, doh, not enough time, I will write it down to mention it next week. I love you all and look forward to hearing from you all next week!

Elder Kent Talbert

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