Saturday, July 3, 2010

You're supposed to be Dead!


Well another good week. Sounds as if things are going well back home, and looks as if the reunion was a lot of fun, Thanks for all the pictures dad. Well I am not really sure where to begin, it was a relatively dull week and I don't really know what I have to say about the week, but we will see how far I get. 

Between the World Cup and Immigration this week it has been a pain in the neck to find people to teach. Seems like every time that we wanted to teach someone they were either busy watching TV and very uninterested in listening to us or they were running from immigration. nevertheless we have still managed to have a decent week and we have some good investigators. Church attendance was really skimpy yesterday, only 41 people made it, but our guess is that it is the same things that prevented us from teaching that prevented people from coming to church. 

Yesterday my companion was talking to someone about something random and I was just waiting for him to be finished and I saw a member on a bench nearby so I wandered over to him to see how he was doing. Well he introduced me to his friend and so I was just talking to his friend at random and somehow or another he started talking about how he wanted to go back to school and somehow or another the word math was mentioned and he asked if I was good and I said I was capable and so then he wanted to see if I really knew how to do math so he ran inside his house and brought out a notebook and wrote down different math problems and then handed them to me, turns out is was fairly basic algebra so it took little thinking to finish. Well after I was done he had to do the problems to see if I had done them right. So then he started to do them and he made a mistake somewhere and another Haitian pointed it out to him and somehow I ended up with about 7 Haitians all staring at this notebook trying to solve algebra problems and chemistry problems. I thought it was sort of funny and ironic. Somehow I ended up out on the middle of some tiny island in the caribbean with a group of illegal Haitians all surrounding me discussing math and chemistry. Well eventually they determined that I was intelligent for I had got all the problems correct in a quarter of the time it took them and so then they wanted to see how much I knew about the bible so they started asking me random questions and I was tactfully able to convert the random questions into a good lesson on the restoration of the gospel and will be seeing them again tomorrow. Overall a good evening.

Thursday night we were outside waiting for something or other, I don't remember what, but Elder Herbert was looking at the ground and started to notice all these caterpillar type thingys moving across the ground. They were really nifty, their were close to 100 of these bugs just making a trek to a nearby tree and climbing up the tree. it was really bizarre. I don't know where they came from or where they went but the next day they were just all gone, vanished into nothingness.

Last monday the Chalas family came to the church and we had Family Home Evening. It was good. They voted on what they wanted to do and they chose to watch Legacy. Well they had never heard of much Church History. They knew about Joseph Smith and that the church today was big and all but they had never really learned any History, so before we watched the movie I gave a little history lesson and then we watched the movie. It was fun. That movie is really cheesy and has some pretty dumb lines spoken but nonetheless it is still good enough. I think they liked it and I know they at least learned something, they now know a lot more about church history.

wow, what a week, I really don't know what else to say about events of the week. It has been hot, things are going well, we don't have the biggest teaching pool right now, but we have some good investigators and our teaching pool is growing. This next week should be good. July is nearly here, it just keeps getting hotter, everybody here says that september is the hottest month here so that will be nice, although I look forward to the rainy days more than the sunny days. The sunny days are just no fun to be outside all day. Well that is the Weather for you. 

When Pres. Hendricks was here he made a mention of how John the Revelator was a very great missionary. Well the more I thought about it this week the more I realized how many very important things John has witnessed in his life. He obviously saw most of Christ's ministry, He was also present at the Mount of Transfiguration, and He was in the Garden of Gethsemene, and He was at the Cross and he witnessed the Resurrection and he was chosen to write to book of Revelation for all to read and his testimony is read by millions of people around the world of many faiths, He was witness to the Restoration of the Gospel, etc. What a life. Anyways, I am not really sure where I am going with any of this so I will just jump to the next paragraph.

Life is going well. My Eyes are completely healed now and I am happily wearing contacts again. Our bikes are out of commission so we just taxi everywhere, that is a killer on the budget. Well that is the week. Things are good, it was great to hear from you all again and I look forward to hearing from you all next week! Good luck this week, stay safe. I love you all!

Elder B. Kent Talbert

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