Saturday, September 25, 2010

She doesn't get eaten by the eels at this time


Well this week has been good. It was nice to hear from everyone once again. Transfers are coming really fast, next week we begin a lot of the preliminary things that have to go on. That is crazy to think how fast this last transfer has gone by and that E. McGrath is going home in a week. It has been great serving with him, he is a wonderful missionary.

Well things have been pretty normal around here. On Wednesday we had to do a little emergency transfer due to an unfortunate situation. So we got to drive from Kingston to Negril and back in one day with multiple stops along the way. It was fun! We sat in our truck for 11 hours with our max break being 20 minutes for lunch. It is amazing how at the end of a day such as that how tired you can be. All we did was sit in a truck all day long, but for some reason you get home and you are completely exhausted. It was a nice drive though and everything is all good to go again with the missionaries.

For the last year their has been this strange problem with President's computer where it just won't connect to the internet. I tried to fix it when Pres. Graff was here and I had no success, and E. Tanner tried and E. Stevens tried and none of us ever had success. Most of the time we would try to fix it and then it would just magically just start working again and then go out again a month later. Well this week it happened to Pres. Hendricks. So once again I went at it. Thursday I called the area computer guru and him and I spent 2 hours on it and got nowhere and so then we called some Salt Lake computer shaman and did a little conference call with him to try and see what he could come up with. After another hour with no success we called it good for the day and the Salt Lake man was going to do some research on it, he had a guess that it had something to do with the firewall. Well after lunch I was thinking about it again by myself and decided to try and restart all the internet to the office so I went and did that and miraculously it worked! So that solved the problem...sort of, now another computer won't work with the internet. But it means that we found the source. the Salt Lake guy was worried that maybe our firewall that the church distributes was only set to have so many computers on it and we had too many, which seems to make sense from what has been happening. So now at any time at least one computer in the office has no internet until Salt Lake can figure out what exactly they want to do. So that was fun this week.

Akeilah is doing great! She is getting baptized tomorrow! She has now officially read the entire triple combination and is working on reading through the bible. She is amazing! I didn't think I would ever teach somebody like her during the course of my mission. She is going to help this branch out a ton! We have been working with her friend Anita who she brings to church from time to time. She is also doing good, she has read the first 10 chapters of The Book of Mormon and is progressing well, hopefully she will accept to be baptized here after general conference.

Oh yea, I just remembered. So on Sunday we got invited to go and teach a family of 3 by some members. So we drove way out yonder and taught this husband and wife and daughter. The daughter has been coming to church for a long time but the parents have always been against it, but the parents have no clue what the church teaches. so we went to sit with them and see what could be done. Well we had an excellent lesson! at the end the wife turned to her husband and said "We need to go to this church!" That is the sort of thing missionaries love to hear! They live conveniently next door to a family of 8 members of the church. So that was a great lesson! We are excited to keep working with them.

We had district conference this last week. It was great! we had over 600 people in attendance! The fun part was that the pianst didn't show up so I got to play the piano for everyone! So that is just fine and dandy except for the fact that I was playing for the district choir who had these songs and had practiced them all fancy like and I didn't really know how they wanted it all to be played and I didn't know I was going to play the piano until about 5 minutes before it all started. It was fun, in the end it seemed to turn out well. I am quite pleased that I really don't get nervous anymore when I have to sit down and play the piano, now I just wish I had more practice time, but oh well.

Their is a member, I have mentioned him before, Troy Williams. Well he comes to the office everyday and always helps out and works for the church and comes teaching with the missionaries. Well he lives way up in the hills and rides his bike down everyday (and then at the end of the day we drive him back up). The hill he rides down is frightening! Very steep and very windy with a few really bad needle point turns. Well his bike is one of them speed racing bikes and his bike also lacks a feature called brakes. So he just goes down this hill like a complete mad man. No one else does this, no other jamaican will do this, it is completely insane. Well we decided to film him doing this crazy stunt and so yesterday we went and did it. It was hard for us to keep up, he was cruising! The top speed we recorded was 50 mph! I am surprised he isn't dead from this. Anyways, it was cool, I will show you the video sometime, but it is impossible to send them over the internet with the church email system, so it will have to wait.

Woah! time is running short. Things are going well, next week I will be emailing on Friday thanks to general conference, so if you want to send me an email it needs to be Thursday night or I won't get it until a week later. I am getting really lazy at pictures....I promise that next week I will attach a picture or two!!! Happy birthday Nathaniel. Good luck at school and work this week. I love you all!

Elder B. Kent Talbert

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