Sunday, September 19, 2010

A thousand apologies, O Patient One

Letter from Sept 11

Well this week was good. First off I guess I will answer everyones question about the rebar. They were perfectly fine...well as fine as you can be after rebar goes through you. They were at the hospital for a few days and are now home, so all is well there thankfully. Now the problem is that the man that hit the truck keeps coming to the office asking when we are going to pay to repair his car. We keep telling him that we have turned it into the insurance and we just have to wait now. The unfortunate part is that he is convinced it is our fault because he had the right to drive like a crazy madman in the wrong lane because someone was dying in his car. Oh well, someday it will all be resolved, probably not while I am here, nothing goes particularly fast when it comes to insurance.

Nothing quite as crazy happened this week. On Monday we woke up and then right after we got up Pres. Hendricks called and told us about a group of missionaries that had decided to be dumb and go and get there own cell phones and do a ton of other disobedient junk. Pres. was about to fly out to a mission presidents seminar so we were left in charge of driving around the island to pick up all the contraband. It was fun. Drove around the island for 12 hours. It was a long day. We got lost at one point due to a poor turn an ended up somewhere in the middle of nowhere Jamaica. Well not really much more to say about that.

With our truck gone we have just been driving random vehicles. Pres. left his SUV for us to borrow, so we used that a lot. Our truck was all fixed up and we got it back last night! so that is great. We have probably made all the ghetto communities think that we are some rich white guys, we counted and found that throughout the last 2 weeks we have driven 5 different vehicles while out teaching., really not much happened this week. With Pres. gone we were just left to do random things. We worked a while on the mission history, that was fun enough. Every year the mission is supposed to send a mission history of the year into the area presidency, our job is to prepare it.

Seems like we were just stuck in traffic for a vast part of this week. School is back in session so the roads are congested. We ran a lot of erends and sat in a lot of traffic. Akeilah is doing great! She has been averaging about 20 chapters of The Book of Mormon a day, more than any investigator I have previously had. She is understanding it really well and is going to make an amazing member after her baptism. We are running out of things to teach her, but she is still set on being baptized on the 26th of September so we are just waiting at this point.

We went on a handful of exchanges with different missionaries. We went on splits with the Office Elders, so that was fun, got to go back to my old area and see some of my recent converts. Everyone is doing good. I am sure you remember the war from June, downtown Kingston was supposedly a pretty brutal place to be, but thankfully none of the members were really hurt.

The Office Elders decided that Elder Cheesman looks like Jack Nicholson, so to play a joke on him first they took a picture of Elder Cheesman and photo shopped it with Jack Nicholson's face. Then they hid 26 pictures of him around Elder Cheesman's office and now finally they made it so his computer quotes Jack Nicholson when he does certain things. It has been quite humorous.

Life is going well here. I wish I had more to really say about the week. Not much is really going on, just the same as always. Jamaica is great, I love the city of Kingston, definitely the best part of Jamaica. I am really terrible at attaching photos, perhaps I will next week...sorry! Today we are going to go play soccer in downtown, it should be fun, we will probably make horrible fools of ourselves for none of us can play soccer. Well I hope this next week is great for you all. Enjoy school and work! I love you all!

Elder B. Kent Talbert

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