Saturday, April 24, 2010

I cannot jump the distance, you'll have to toss me


Well it has been another good week. good to hear from you all once again. I don't remember a Dale Felix dad, does he work at selerity now or use to? I know that their were a handful of employees that had quit shortly before I started working there. It would be excellent if you could send a conference ensign mom. I finally got your other package this week so that was good. thanks for the letters and candy! We are currently working on We Thank Thee of God for a Prophet with our singing group. It takes a while to get a song down, for the most part they don't speak english and since we try to do all our singing in english, sister herbert spends plenty of time going over the words trying to get them to pronounce them properly. I will let you know when that one is thrown online. 

This week went over well. Last monday afternoon pres. graff flew in and that was good. He had a meeting with us for 3 or 4 hours and just sort of discussed everything. It was very good. We miss a lot of things out here not being in Jamaica and what not so it was good to get caught up on everything. Pres. Graff told me that this last week they split the spanish town branch into 2 branches, reorganized the district and they are about to submit an application for the creation of a stake! hopefully that all works out! I would love to be in Jamaica when the first stake is finally organized. if they do get it organized it would be shortly before my mission is over or they will have to wait another year or two. nonetheless it is good to see that progress is finally being made!

Tuesday night we had a dinner appointment with some members, after we were done eating the 2 kids wanted to play connect four. so we played a few rounds, certainly not the most thrilling game ever created, but entertaining enough. I don't remember if I mentioned this before, probably, but oh well. They eat the exact same thing here that they eat in Jamaica. Just rice and chicken. They do eat a handful of Conch but I mostly try to avoid that (if you have ever seen those big fancy seashells that sometimes people make it to a horn of sorts, like a big snail shell...that is conch) They don't eat conch at all in Jamaica.

Well during pres. Graffs visit he wanted to see parts of the island, he has never had the opportunity to see the island. So the herberts drove him around and afterwords he gave us an area that he thought looked good for tracting that he wanted us to go do. Well we went over there. It was interesting. every house looked exactly the same and it reminded me of Arizona with how they landscaped, not many plants but lots of rocks. Well these houses had all sorts of people. we met Haitians, and American, and Belongers, and Europeans, and Caymonians, and Bahimians, and surprisingly a ton of Jamaicans. 60-70% of the community was Jamaican. We would always ask people where they were from and if they said jamaica we would ask them what part and they would always tell us that it was some small town that we had probably never heard of we would have them tell us anyways and then we would tell them that we had lived in Jamaica for a year. It was fun to talk about Jamaica haha and it worked really well, we had more luck with the Jamaicans then anyone else. We would start talking to them all about Jamaica and that would soften there hearts enough that by the time we mentioned the gospel they were willing to listen to us.

Yesterday in Church we had a new sunday school teacher (well sort of new, new for me, she was the normal one but had been on vacation). She had me read a verse and decided that she liked how well I could pronounce the words and how well I read so she then conveniently assigned me to read a group of 25 verses covering 2 pages. I think she had intended for the verses to be divided up among the class members but instead everyone was stuck listening to me read for a good 5-8 minutes. haha then she came to a next set of verses and had me read again, sunday school is going to be interesting if I have to read 2-3 pages a week. I am going to have to start going to the creole class just to give others the opportunity to read.

On a similar note of reading. I have been reading all about saul, and david and solomon this last week. Very interesting. The old Testament is quite intriguing and I am enjoying my read of it. I should hopefully finish it soon and then begin the new testament again. The Old Testament is a very worth while read. lots to learn in it.

Mothers day is coming, I haven't heard anything from pres. Graff about it yet, but I assume it will be the same as times past. do you have a skype account dad? It has grown in popularity just about everywhere. it is a program sort of like an online phone. you can talk between skype users for free and then call regular cell phones or landlines for free or for really cheep webcams are also easy to use with the program. just a 20 or 25 dollar fee a year. the cheesmans used it all the time to talk to family back home and the herberts do to. It is possible that the herberts skype account will be used as the phone service on mothers day. If you have a skype account great, if not don't worry about it.

Hmmm.....what else. Time is running short and I am not even sure if I have anything else to say. hopefully this email wasn't to short. We have been teaching this girl that should be baptized this week so that is great! hopefully things go good this week and you get all the water cleaned up. I'll keep you all in my prayers. good luck and I love you all!

Elder B. Kent Talbert 

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