Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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Well this week has been good. Always great to hear from you all. I still haven't gotten the package you sent mother, but than again nobody has come out here since you sent it. Pres. Graff is coming this week so if he remembered to grab the mail I should get it. My companion has been here for 5 months and will be here for at least one more. He has work permit problems in Jamaica so they have to renew it and as such they need a criminal record which they can only get from somewhere that he has resided for at least 6 months. so he has to be here for 6 months to get a criminal record and send it to jamaica. 

sounds as if spring break was nice. There has been an increase of tourists this last week and it was assumed that it was because of spring break. So on saturday the herberts wanted to film a group of men in the branch. We gathered everyone (like 6 people) and then quickly filmed it. Sis. Herbert put it on Youtube with my guidance and so you can watch it if you so desire (assuming it works, we never did test it). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XNzlzWk3Tg just copy and paste the link, I would just make it a url but since it didn't do it automatically I won't bother. We are singing Ye Elders of Israel. Sort of ironic that the one time you get to hear a recording of me playing the piano it is a song that I have been able to play for years that you have heard a billion times.

Hmmm....there was something that happened last tuesday that I intended to tell you about, but I don't remember what it was, that is to bad, hopefully I think of it soon.

On Saturday we went to this little restaurant called Saltmills and we ordered our food and just happily sat eating. In the restaurant there was this little blond boy running around the restaurant making a ton of noise. He just kept running in circles (they had this center kitchen with seating all around so they had the perfect circular restaurant to run around) well on one of his rounds he stopped right next to us, looked at my companions sandwich and said "What's that blue thing?" (referring to a toothpick in my companions sandwich). Well He spoke with the thickest british accent ever, and that made him awesome. Well next thing we know he decides we are his best friends and he sits down in our booth and talks to us and asks us all sorts of questions (he was 3 yeas old). It was quite entertaining, we kept trying to convince him to go back to his mother but nothing worked. His mother even came and checked on him at one point and then just left him with us again. he hung out with us for the remainder of our lunch hour (about 30 minutes). He was awesome.

The first baptism I had here was a kid named miguel. His parents and family are long time members from the DR. well his dad and him come to church every single sunday, but no one else ever came (mother or 3 sisters) well we have been having family home evening ever monday with them. Yesterday they all came to church! hopefully we will continue to see them! they are the sort of family that the branch needs, one that isn't going to leave and go back to haiti within the next 2 years. So that was excellent.

We found this lady that we have been teaching, her name is like mikala, or mikaja or something, still haven't figured it out. I normally have to ask them how to pronounce there name everyday for a week before I get the hang of it and remember it. Well we taught her and she is now preparing for baptism so that is great! It is nice that we have an investigator that isn't a male. It seems like that is all we see. We had some tourists at church yesterday who were asking me why there were so many men and no women haha.

When I came out on my mission I had 2 pairs of shoes, I still have 2 pairs of shoes. Well I have actually only worn one pair of shoes everyday, the other pair is still Brand new. It started with I was just going to wear out one pair of shoes until I had been out a year and then I would switch. But my pair that I wear still looks excellent and now I am determined to wear that pair every day of my mission just to see if they will last. you can tell that the sole has been fairly worn, but they are still doing pretty good. I am interested to see how long they last. I have found that what helps is polishing them nearly every day. I have a good reputation in the mission for having the shinyest shoes around. Well I also have found that on the soles if I spot a tiny crack I fill it in and seal it with super glue. It is easier to fix a tiny crack then wait till a large chunk breaks out like I have seen so many missionaries. Perhaps you can ponder that and come up with an analogy of some sort.

Well this past week was good things are going well. I still can't think of what I had wanted to tell you haha. I need to write it down or something. We are doing well here on our little island and look forward to pres. graff's visit today and tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what he does, we were told to not make plans so we have no clue what he wants to do. I will attach a picture next week. sorry if this is a bit short but I waisted a lot of my time trying to remember what I wanted to say, just stared at the screen haha. I hope this next week is great and that school goes well. I love you all!

E. B. Kent Talbert

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  1. Fish are friends, not food.
    This is the Ocean, silly, we're not the only two in here.
    With fronds like these, who needs anemones?