Monday, April 5, 2010

Remember, Who You Are!


This week was good. Well before I forget I must rapidly answer questions. So The branch here is lacking on primary, young mens, and young womens. Their is 2 YW, 0 YM, and maybe about 8-14 primary age kids. most of the women are married to one of the members and so that is about the extent of our families. Our apartment is nice, 2 stories, hot water. The senior couple lives really far away from us. We just ride bikes everywhere. 

Conference was excellent. We completely missed priesthood session unfortunately. So everything worked great except that the priesthood session is broadcast over the internet differently then the other sessions. Well we got it to work on one computer and that one we put for the french because that is our biggest group of people. other than that we only needed english for the priesthood session but we just didn't watch it. The problem was that with how they broadcast the priesthood session it only works on a computer running windows. We had 1 pc and 2 macs. I could find no way to get it to work on a mac. everything I read made it sound like it wasn't possible and so in the end we just gave up and watched it in french. A lot less enlightening when you can't understand 100%. I must admit, the more I have used Apple computers the less and less I like them. I don't think I will ever purchase one.

The other 4 sessions were good and I enjoyed them. We had a great turn out! the herberts printed flyers and we took them around and passed them out. We had a lot of people come. So random information, Elder Vinas who spoke is over the caribbean. When I was in the office we had and office meeting/lunch with him. and elder Anderson of the seventy who spoke on saturday, is one of Elder vinas' councilors and he interviewed me last december. So that was fun to see them speak. there was a lot of mentioning of Haiti during conference, the members here liked that. Most of our members are from Haiti so they were really interested in all that stuff. I really liked Elder Chirstopherson's talk, and Elder Scott's talk. They were both very well done. We are hoping to find time here and there this week to slowly watch the priesthood session, so by next monday I will have seen that., I really don't know what else happened this week. Fairly typical and generic week. We have this couple that we have been teaching, Julian and Sophonie. They are good, they both have jobs and they both speak english moderately well. Lessons have been going great with them and hopefully they get baptized this week or next week. They live really close to the church so it is really easy for them to get there every sunday.

This week we were walking down the road and this man walked up to me and stopped me. The conversation went something like this.
Man: "can I ask you a question"
Me: "sure"
Man: "What do goats eat?"
Me: "ummm... I think anything"
Man: "what about all of that?" (pointing to a lot of bushes and trees
Me: "I think so, I think they eat anything that is green and grows"
Man: "what about this?" (grabs a branch of a tree)
Me: "probably, yea I think so"
Man: "I see that they don't seem to eat these" (pointing to some bushes)
Me : "oh, I think they will eat those, there are just a lot a bushes so maybe they haven't gotten to those ones yet"
Man: "so you think goats would eat this?" (grabs the branch again)
Me: "yea, I think they would"
Man: "alright, thank you" (pulls out a bag and breaks off branches stuffing them into the bag)
Me: "alright, good luck goat feeder man"

well we walked away, my companion thought it was funny. I didn't know I knew so much about goat care. perhaps I should start my own consultant business that specializes in goats. I seem to have a natural talent at it. 

There are no street lights here, only round-abouts. People don't really get the idea of them though and instead of going around try to go straight. This causes a huge problem since all the round-abouts are very fancily landscaped and have very large trees and rocks in them that people are constantly ramming their cars into. The problem is that the round-abouts are on roads with speed limits of 50-60 so people are going fast and then with no warning at all, all of a sudden there is a round-about in there face. The should probably put up some signs or something. haha

 Well I am attaching a picture. It is of me by a large painting. I am wearing my snazzy "Where's Waldo" sunglasses as my companion calls them haha. sort of a dull picture, but don't really have many from this past week of interest.

This email is sort of short, not much really happened this week. Just the same thing I do every week, Try to take over the world. I am glad that water has been found on the moon, that will definitely help the space men, good thing it is also already attached to a drinking fountain, that helps a ton. That is neat that Nathaniel will get to go and see the next priesthood session. Hopefully I do to! Great to hear from you all again. Hope that this week is good. Wish I had more to say! I will have to remember to look for things to write about next week!
I love you all!
Elder B. Kent Talbert

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